Duramax DPF Delete Problems With Proper Solutions

If you have a diesel pickup truck, Duramax DPF delete kit problems would be similar to yours. As a passionate truck owner, you must also know the pros and cons. Let’s explain the Duramax DPF delete problems.

According to automobile experts, when Duramax DPF is deleted, the recycling exhaust emissions are brought back into the engine, clogging pistons, airways, and oil. Though no significant problem arises, DPF can clog the exhaust system continuously. To escape from oily and dirty soot, you should use Duramax DPF.

DPF seems to have no profound effect, but it can damage the engine in the future. Here you get an overall view of DPF delete.

What Is Duramax DPF Delete Problems?

DPF is more responsible for reducing soot from the engine and placed into the engine compartment. To ensure the engine’s durability and get rid of emissions back, it’s specially designed. In a honeycomb-shaped compartment, the soot will be kept and clogging up compartments timely.

If you delete DPF, the diesel exhaust wouldn’t keep the stability and become oily with dirty soot. While Duramax performs better in reducing exhaust emission, it has some downsides in various cases. DEF, SCR, and LML systems will be prone to failure.

Moreover, the DPF can clog the exhaust system and continue the process. The emissions equipment creates back pressure that is not good for turbochargers.

Exhaust gas recirculation valve sensor, valve cooler, recirculation valve, and DPF play prominent roles in clogging. The maximum owner would like to remove the catalytic converter and DPF for costing issues and def fluid cleaning problems.

Why Are More Popular To Delete DPF?

We have already known the DPF in detail and have a clear concept of its deleting problems. Here we try to focus on why deleting DPF has become more popular today. Let’s find out the significant points.

Fuel Economy

When deleting the DPF from the engine, the fuel economy rate will terminate at a great point. The fuel injectors help burn any soot collected in the airways. 

Then the vehicle would provide more fuel mileage and no verbose sound. Instead, you get a clear sound when fuel flows in a proper portion.

Keep Oil Clean

After using DPF for a long time, the oil will turn into a deep and exotic color. The DPF is responsible for soot collecting into the oil and reducing engine power. 

It is the leading cause of turning the oil color dark, and it’s unsuitable for the deleted truck’s fuel-flowing system.


The DPF is also responsible for bringing exhaust emission soot into the engine and clogging up the pistons, airways, and oil. 

That means DPFs have malfunctioned frequently and have less reliability in increasing the engine durability.

Cost Management

When the DPF system is damaged or falls, it needs to be repaired or replaced with a new system. 

The installation process is expensive, and it’s tough to clean DPF from the engine combustion chamber. The maximum driver or owner won’t be interested in installing a new DPF.

The Deleting Process Of Duramax LML DPF

For better performance and increased engine durability, it’s essential to delete the DPF system from Duramax LML. It can be a better option to control exhausting emissions and protect come back soot into the engine. Let’s try to know the deleting process of DPF.

DPF Delete Tuner

DPF removal capable tuner is another name for EFI Live AutoCal, and it needs to remove DPF pipe while installing EFI Live.

Custom tuning is the essential part and effective in taking the place of OEM software, which is responsible for managing the timing and fuel delivery system.

There would be no codes related to emissions that appear because of missing engine components in the delete tune.

The tuner is also responsible for recalibrating the ODS system that will engage the best gauge cluster operating parameters of the engine with glow plug diesel exhaust fluid.

Delete LML DPF Kit

Using the Duramax LML DPF kit air intake, replacing the piping DPF, SCR, and DOC is easy. HP tuner can be a direct bolt and does not need significant maintenance or repair. 

The emission system gets deleted and it is placed between the muffler and downpipe. The Duramax LML DPF regen modifies the whole exhaust system quickly.

After upgrading the back downpipe, you can DPF delete the pipe, but keep in mind that it allows you to upgrade the muffler and exhaust back portion. It would help if you used a straight pipe to get the louder exhaust to keep the muffler. 

According to your material body, the cost will be low or high, but you get an effective way to delete the LML DPF filter from your Duramax engine and quickly replace the whole downpipe-back exhaust piping.

Duramax DPF Delete Pros And Cons

After a thorough discussion, we reached out to get the final output on DPF Duramax by its Pros and Cons. After researching these points, it would be easy to reach your final decision and get a clear concept of whether you should use Duramax DPF or not? Let’s check the table.

PROS (Duramax DPF Delete)CONS (Duramax DPF Delete)
Increase Engine ReliabilityNot Pass Emissions Monitoring
Lower Fire RiskVoids Warranty
Reduce CostExpensive to Install
Good Fuel Economy RateFuel Economy Rate is not Good at all
Exhaust Gas Temperature Become LowNot legally accept Trade-Ins on Vehicle
Increase Engine DurabilityRequire Special Program

People Often Ask

How Long Perform The DPF In Duramax?

The DPF is specially designed to support the exhaust system for a long time. If you use DPF in your Duramax, you will get 2,00,000 miles of service. If you do proper maintenance, it will provide more than the number and terminate your engine capability.

Is It Right To Delete DPF?

To get the best torque, performance, and fuel economy, the maximum driver, wouldn’t agree to install a new DPF.

The replacement cost is not cheap at all, and for cleaning problems, they would like to delete DPF from the engine. But you need to check exhaust emission after deleting DPF.

How Much Fuel Economy Save By Deleting DPF?

Up to 30% save your fuel economy rate, increasing according to maintenance. You get better performance for your Duramax, Powerstroke, and Cummins diesel engine than DPF, and the efficiency rate will terminate at a great point.

Without EGR Delete Kit Duramax, Is It Possible To Replace DPF?

Yes, you can, but you need a tuner with the EGR cooler. You can easily install EFI Live in the EGR system using a tuner.

It’s also possible to control the exhaust emissions system with an EGR valve, and it’s easy to make proper monitoring without OEM software support. You get a notification to control NOX emissions rate and diesel fuel recovery system.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you get a clear concept of Duramax DPF delete problems with practical solutions. Now it’s easy to decide what should be taken for your engine. 

If you install a DPF system, you get manufacturer support and extra support to keep your engine fit. However, if you delete DPF from the system, you get better performance and fuel economy. According to truck needs, you can choose anyone.

If you still are confused about this matter, reread the content carefully. You even can take help from an expert and can modify your decision. But it would help if you gave priority to vehicle demand and pros.

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