Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 vs V8: Which One is Better?

SUV has launched jeep grand Cherokees, which are produced by American manufacture jeeps. These jeeps are quite different from other SUVs. But the Jeep Grands are made with a unibody chassis.

Jeep Grand Cherokees are the greatest models of SUVs. Many features that jeep grand Cherokees present are exceptional.

When you are searching for information about Jeep Grands, a question may come to your mind: which is better, Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 vs V8? In short, which jeep grand Cherokee is better depends on your needs. Different people desire different specifications from their cars. Both V6 and V8 are great, but there are some differences between these cars. V6 can serve swift usage, whereas you will get strong power from v8.

Let’s know in detail!

Jeep Grand Cherokee v6 VS v8: The Real Differences

Are you stuck in the market because you can’t choose between V6 and V8? It is a little hard to choose between V6 and V8 because they show the similarities mostly.

But there are some differences between V6 and V8 which will help you to choose the better one. We would like to help you with that issue.

Features of V6 over a V8:

Are you thinking of purchasing a V6? Then your decision is probably good because V6 offers some features and specifications which V8 can’t.

V6 offers two rows of three cylinders in the engine. Though V8 offers much horsepower, the horsepower gain is near to uncountable from V6 to V8. If you want to switch from V6 to V8 considering the horsepower, then it will be a wrong decision because the difference is very small.

The engines of V6 can offer some powerful towing capabilities. Along with remarkable towing capacity, a V6 can provide you with more stability than a V8. You will be able to handle the V6 more comfortably than a V8.

When you are driving around the corners and turns, the V6 will help you in that case. If you compare the engine of V6 with the V8, then you will find the engine of V6 more powerful.

Besides, if you want to know about Jeep Grand Cherokee v6 vs v8 gas mileage, then to let you know, the v6 serves more mileage and fuel economy than the v8.

Moreover, in the case of Jeep Grand Cherokee v6 vs v8 reliability, v6 wins here as well. You will get the most reliability from using a v6 model rather than the v8 one.

Features of V8 over a V6:

You will also find several reasons for buying a V8 because there are a lot of features that V8 offers, but V6 doesn’t. In comparison, you will find out that a V8 has more cargo capacity than a V6 so that you can carry more and heavier stuff.

V8 cylinders have a useful angle in the engine, which helps to work great. V8 engines offer more power and a higher ceiling than V6. For worksite activities, V8s are the best. Most car owners love V8s because of their ability to haul.

If you want a little more torque than V6, then you should purchase V8. However, there are very few amounts of differences between V6 and V8. You have to choose which one will be able to satisfy your needs.

Overall, if you need easy handling with lightweight, consider getting a v6. V6 also serves great performance to the riders. Otherwise, for heavier support and more towing capacity, go for a v8.

Specifications of Grand Cherokee v6:

There are some mind-blowing features that V6 offers. You will feel very grateful for having a V6 because of these features. Some specifications of a V6 are:

  • You will have two rows of three cylinders in the engine.
  • The horsepower of the V6 is enough to rock the roads.
  • The V6 engine makes the car nose-heavy while you drive.
  • V6 offers more stability than any other engine.
  • You can handle V6 easily.
  • V6 is fun to use.

Specifications of Grand Cherokee v8:

V8 also offers a lot of incredible specifications that you will love to use V8. These are:

  • V8 has eight engines.
  • V8 has two rows for four cylinders in the engine.
  • V8 offers more cargo capacity so that you can carry more and heavier stuff.
  • The V8 engines are very powerful.
  • A V8 is very helpful for fulfilling worksite needs.
  • The ability to haul a V8 is incredible.
  • V8 offers amazing towing capacity.

Which One is Better: Grand Cherokee v6 or v8?

By comparing all the advantages and disadvantages of V6 and V8, which one will be better for you depends on your demands from your vehicle. At first, you have to decide how much power and how strong the performance you want from your vehicle.

V6 will be better if you want:

  • Easy and comfortable handling
  • Lightweight
  • Strong performance
  • Powerful fuel efficiency
  • More reliability
  • User comfort

The specialties that V8 offers are:

  • Powerful cargo capacity
  • Extraordinary hauling capabilities
  • Can carry the heavier stuff
  • Most powerful engine
  • Incredible for worksite needs
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Great towing capabilities
  • Better hauling capabilities

You can never compare a V6 to a V8 because both of them are offering you different useful features. However, they don’t offer you the same specifications.

But they both are good at what they serve. So you have to decide which one will be better for you. You can purchase one of them, depending on your needs.

Common Problems of Grand Cherokee Jeeps:

Common Problems of Grand Cherokee Jeeps

Jeep Grand Cherokees are the most popular vehicles since they were launched. You can’t get enough of the jeep grand Cherokees once you start using them. You will love all the features and specifications a jeep grand Cherokee offers.

But there are few disadvantages of jeep grand Cherokees, which generally bothers the owner. These complaints are coming from 2011. We would like to make you aware of the disadvantages that jeep grand Cherokees show:

  • Sometimes the engine shows problems while starting.
  • Shows stalling issues.
  • Rough and late gear changes.
  • Wrinkles are found in the dashboard upholstery.
  • Electrical problems may also be invented.
  • Transmission issues.

Other than these issues, the jeep grand Cherokees don’t show any other problems. So, you can comfortably use a grand cherokee if you solve these problems.

Which year Jeep Grand Cherokee is the best?

If you are searching for the best grand Cherokee, then you should choose the model of the year 2010. From reviewing the reviews and specifications, most people will suggest your 2010 model year. The 2010 model year was the best year of Grand Cherokees.

The 2010 model year offers you reliability. Also, if you are looking for a second-hand jeep, then this model year, second-hand jeeps are the best for buying. Because it’s specifications and ultra smoothness in driving will make you impressed.

Except for some minor problems you can hardly find any cause for disliking this car. You can go miles after miles with great durability.

All specifications of previous models of Grand Cherokees got highly improved, and the SUV brought this 2010 model by adding those specifications.

The 2010 Grand Cherokee is a comfortable car. If you think about the average consumer, then this model year is the best at this thing also. So with all the specifications, the 2010 model is the best of Grand Cherokees.

Final Words

If you want a jeep, which will make all your problems solved and provide you with a long and great journey, you can switch to the grand Cherokees. Having a grand Cherokee will make your every journey fun and enjoyable with its features and specifications.

So we hope that we have been able to remove all your doubts about the jeep grand cherokee v6 vs v8. Grand Cherokees are the most popular jeeps which are loved by many people. V6 and V8 don’t have many differences between them, but which one will be better for you depends on your demands from a vehicle.

Now it’s your turn to choose one that meets your needs. Good luck!

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