LB7 Injector Replacement Cost – Breakdown Guide for 2023

With how modern technology has advanced, fuel injectors have been improved to the point where they can last for a long time. However, it would still be an exaggeration to say they have a lifetime shelf life when they clearly don’t. 

So, what is the LB7 injector replacement cost for any vehicle? Although prices vary, an entire injector replacement like the Duramax injector would set you back by 2000-6000 USD depending on the model of your GMC Duramax engine and the Duramax diesel.

So, what do you think? Is this within your expectations? However, that is not something you need to consider when calculating the cost. Scroll down below and keep reading before replacing the injector.


LB7 Injector Replacement Cost Table for Whole Parts

Depending on the model of your car, injector replacement costs can vary a lot. Below we have tabulated the cost comparison data between some car models that use the LB7 injector. 

Note that we are having an entire fuel injector replacement for Duramax injectors instead of a few auxiliary parts for the chevy Duramax diesel engine.

Vehicle Cost of InjectorCost of Labor
Duramax 6.6$2000-$2500800-1000 USD
Silverado 2008$800-$1,000800-1000 USD
Silverado 2011$3500-$40001000-2000 USD
Silverado 2014$4000 – $5000 800-1500 USD
Silverado 2019$2000-$3500800-1200 USD
GMC 1500$1500- $3000400-800 USD

Injector Replacement Cost for Auxiliary Parts and Gear

If it is not required for the entirety of the injector to be replaced, then you will probably get to save a lot of cash. The final partial payout differs between 300- 900 USD. 

The total money you will need to pay for the replacement parts will differ depending on the degree of replacement and several other external factors. We have listed some of these factors that can help you determine the cost below:

  • Larger cars that have bigger engines will fetch a high price for the injector parts.
  • Smaller vehicles with smaller engines will cost lower.
  • The greater the number of cylinders in your vehicle engine, the more costly the injector will be.
  • You can expect the location and availability of the car model and injector line to play a significant role in the cost price.
  • Although labor cost is lower than when replacing the entire injector, it can get high for larger cars from General Motors.


What Are the Signs of a Bad Injector? 

Several issues could cause your fuel injector to malfunction and not work correctly. While the wrong fuel type could cause certain temporary factors, problems could persist. If that is the case, then note that the issue lies with the injector and not the fuel. 

However, the symptoms of a bad fuel injector might not always be visible. Below, we have compiled some of the different signs of a malfunctioning fuel injector.                                                                                                                             

Poor Fuel Economy

One of the easiest ways to identify whether your new injector has any issues or not is to check on its fuel economy and the emission rate of carbon dioxide.

A decent fuel injector must keep the fuel economy as optimum as possible while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. However, if your car shows poor performance with a bad fuel line economy and mileage, the root of the problem may lie in the Duramax fuel injector failure.


Low Rate Per Minute

Sometimes, the cylinders in your vehicle can get clogged with too much fuel that might have been released by mistake by the injector. Although these cases are rare, if the cylinders get blocked, it could result in a multitude of issues like low RPM and rough driving even though the terrain is smooth. 

Although the problem lies with the injector, there are also cases where using too much of the wrong oil type can cause this problem. So, make sure to inspect before you decide on a conclusion.


Fuel Smell

One of the most common symptoms that could mark that there is an issue with your fuel injector is the leaking fuel smell. While petrol and diesel smell, the scent isn’t meant to leak out. 

In case you smell the scent of fuel or burnt oil from your engine, know that the problem lies with the injector. This is usually caused by damaged or clogged pipes inside the injector. Replacing these pipes should fix the problem.


How To Avoid Having Any Fuel Injector Problems?

While there are specific problems like shelf-life that you cannot avoid, most problems can still be solved before they place their roots on your faulty fuel injector. 

Below, we have some common tips for you that you can follow to decrease the chances of damaging your injector and spending a fortune on fuel injector replacement.

  • Check on the catalytic converter and fuel filter for optimal performance in the diesel truck.
  • Make sure to use the correct type of oil in the right amounts instead of any sinister diesel fuel sources. 
  • Check on the cylinders inside your fuel system for wear, tear, and fuel pressure before going for the replacement injector.
  • Take your car to the mechanic and do regular check-ups or at least once every two months.
  • Clean the inside of your fuel injector and valve cover at regular intervals to avoid GMC Sierra injector problems.


More About the LB7 Injector Replacement

How Often Do Fuel Injectors Need to Be Replaced?

With proper maintenance and oil usage, fuel injectors can last for a long time. However, the typical shelf-life of a decent lb7 Duramax injector is around 80,000 to 100,000 miles. Smaller vehicles make use of injectors with a life expectancy of 50,000 miles.


How Long Does It Take to Replace a Fuel Injector?

The length of time it will take you to replace your old fuel injector with a new one on your own will depend on your skills. With intermediate mechanical skills, you would be able to install the new injector in an hour or two. 


Is It Possible to Replace Duramax’s One Injector?

The failure of one injector in your diesel fuel injection system is frequent enough to bring down the whole engine.

One of the temptations is to merely change the nozzle after you’ve mastered your 2005 Duramax diesel system, or whatever the industry equivalent is.


Can A Bad Fuel Injector Ruin the Engine?

It is quite possible for a malfunctioning injector to ruin the engine of your car in the long run. This is especially true for old model cars, which are prone to engine misfires.


Can Fuel Cleaners Be Used to Clean the Injector?

Yes, they can be used to clean the injector. All you need to do is dump the cleaner in the gas tank, which will clean up any clogged pipes in the injector. 


Final Words

Well, with this, you should know everything that you can expect to spend on the LB7 injector replacement cost. 

Our advice to you is to replace specific parts of the injector instead of the entire machine. That way, you can cut down the cost and save a lot of money.

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