Oil Filter Brands To Avoid With Best Alternatives In 2023

It is advised that you replace your oil filter every other time you change your motor oil. A good oil filter is essential if you want to save money on motor oil because a wrong oil filter choice may lead to catastrophic engine failure, even with the most refined engine oil available.

This article will suggest to you, which oil filter brands to avoid. Also, we’ve compiled a list of the most trustworthy alternatives, and we hope you find them helpful in your future purchase.


 Worst Oil Filter BrandsBest Oil Filter Brands
1.  FrantzK&N Premium Oil Filter
2.  Premium EngineMobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter


3.  SupertechRoyal Purple Extended Life Premium Oil Filter


4.  MotorcraftBosch Premium Oil Filter


5.  PentiusACDelco Professional Engine Oil Filter


5 Worst Oil Filter Brands to Avoid

Avoid these oil filter brands at all costs since they provide very little value for your money. As a result, they make the list of the worst oil filters brands to avoid since they cannot effectively filter oil.

  1. Frantz
  2. Premium Engine
  3. Supertech
  4. Motorcraft
  5. Pentius

You may be wondering why you should avoid them now. What distinguishes them from the leading oil filter manufacturers? You can see it for yourself right here.


1. Frantz Oil Filters

There is no better oil filter brand than Frantz. The filter looks like a roll of toilet paper, and it performs the same thing.

Frantz had a solid reputation for quality until it was bought by another firm in 2014, and that reputation has now been shattered as a result.

Due to its toilet paper-like shape, one of the primary reasons to avoid this brand’s fundamental filter component is that it doesn’t fit well for an ideal result.

Only two lines of oil and a canaster are used in this filter, and it doesn’t seem like enough to get the job done.

When you dissect this filter, you’ll find that the filter element is essentially a roll of toilet paper; this is a design that many filter specialists advise against adopting.

The Key Reason To Avoid

  • Design flaws in the filter
  • A little time on this earth


2. Premium Engine Oil Filters

On our list of the worst oil filter brands is Premium Engine, which doesn’t satisfy industry requirements. To begin with, Premium Engine does not live up to its claims.

As a result of its inability to last long, it must be replaced regularly. The Premium Engine Protection Cartridge Oil Filter falls short despite the brand’s claims. According to users, oil changes must be made every 5,000 miles with this filter.

On paper, this filter seems to be more cost-effective than the competitors, but it requires twice as many replacements.

In addition, this brand is not compatible with a white threaded adapter. Therefore, it cannot be used as a replacement kit.

The Key Reason To Avoid

  • A short time in the service period
  • Incompatible with the white threaded adapter


3. Supertech Oil Filters

Supertech is another oil filter to stay away from. Walmart and Wix initiated the manufacture of Supertech. However, we’ve seen much positive feedback regarding the product’s quality.

The manufacturers are making several decent steel cover plates. Supertech’s paper cover plates make it one of the worst oil filter manufacturers.

It employs the same materials and design as Fram. As a result, we don’t have high hopes for this brand either.

The worst part is that the cover plates are made out of paper. Because the company’s items are made of substandard materials, I wouldn’t put any faith in them in the first place.

Because of this, it’s easy to see why you should be wary of, or better yet, avoid, using their oil filters.

The Key Reason To Avoid

  • Shoddy components
  • Engine rust is the result of this.
  • Short life expectancy


4. Motorcraft Oil Filters

Ford Motor Company is the legal owner of the trademark Motorcraft. On the other hand, the oil filter division may be able to maintain Ford’s stellar reputation. The filter causes uneven heating.

There was also a noticeable tilt to the oil filter, resembling the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. The pieces are not completely intertwined. ‘

The owner of this vehicle feels that the product may have been a fake. In some instances, the fakes may have been overstocks or rejected that were repackaged with fakes.

It also has a sluggish filtering speed. Aside from that, it has a strange form that doesn’t suit all the vehicles. The Motorcraft oil filter brand is now on par with the worst oil filter brands available, let alone one that should be avoided at all costs.

The Key Reason To Avoid

  • Material that is of poor quality
  • Shorter life expectancy
  • Drain-back valve malfunction


5. Pentius Oil Filters

It would help if you avoided this brand since it’s the worst for new vehicles. For all models, Pentius Premium promises to be the best. Even still, if you possess a more modern model, you should avoid this one.

Many automobile owners report that their oil filters’ rubber gaskets and valves have deteriorated due to heat exposure.

Another issue is that the advertising is incorrect. As you can see from the image on Amazon, this is a much smaller version.

Rubber gasket and drain back valve are built of low-quality materials, and heat exposure causes them to wear out quickly.

Don’t bother with this coil spring if you’re looking for a high-quality product. Finally, its plastic bypass can’t keep up with the cold solid oil flow.

The Key Reason To Avoid

  • Worst for new automobiles
  • Shoddy construction


The Top 5 Oil Filter Brands We Recommend

best oil filter brand

Here are some excellent oil filters that you can get right now. To prevent future issues, be sure to choose one that is compatible with the specifications of your car.

1.K&N Premium Oil Filter

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For high-performance automobiles, the K&N Premium Oil Filter is a must-have accessory. If your car requires a more significant oil flow rate, this is the product for you.

Owners of racing and commercial vehicles should pay attention to this oil filter. The medium of this filter is impregnated cellulose.

The 94 square-inch surface area of the medium ensures that it is 99 percent efficient and can handle a wide range of particles. Consequently, the oil would be free of impurities while lubricating the engine parts.

Given K&N’s storied racing pedigree, we believe the company’s synthetic filter media and end cap design allows for 10% greater oil flow through the filter than the competition.


  • All sorts of oil can be used
  • For high-performance automobiles, the flow rate is impressive
  • There is a safety wire included as well
  • Exceptional rating of efficiency


  • Pricing is something high
  • Building components that are a little lighter in weight


2. Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter


When shopping for an oil filter, look for one that is highly efficient and long-lasting.

The 99.6 percent efficiency and 28-gram pollutant holding capacity of Mobil 1 oil filters make them an outstanding choice.

An additional anti-drain valve, made of grade silicone, prevents the reverse flow of water. Dry beginnings are discouraged by this feature. Plus, what else? Nine times the normal operating pressure can be handled by this filter.

Mobil 1 oil filters include a metal bypass to allow efficient oil flow. Because of this, even when the medium seems blocked, the engine may get appropriate oil delivery.

Oil filters from this manufacturer have a more significant working pressure than those from some of the other brands on the market, reaching 615 Pascals per square inch.


  • Use of synthetic motor oils for 15,000 miles
  • The cleaning effectiveness of 99.6 percent
  • A capacity of 28 grams, the highest in the business
  • The world’s best-known automobile and oil company


  • The metal support is missing
  • A tad on the expensive side


3. Royal Purple Extended Life Premium Oil Filter

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Royal Purple makes an excellent oil filter for your automobile. The thicker shell of this filter makes it more durable than others.

The end caps are constructed of metal, so you can ensure that the filter will be well sealed.

Auto maintenance will be a breeze with this oil filter in place. Also, the 100% synthetic medium provides a 99.9% filtration efficiency. 25 microns may be filtered out.

An impressively tiny fiber prevents pollutants from reaching the engine.

An inner tube prevents this filter from collapsing while in use. The oil is also well filtered since it comprises synthetic screen-back media.

Finally, the thick-gauge steel backplate that is sorely lacking in burst strength is installed.


  • Thick and sturdy outer shell
  • Exceptional brand awareness
  • A minimum of 10,000 miles per year is recommended.
  • Backings made of metal and silicone


  • The cost of the product is higher than average.
  • Some automobiles may not be compatible.


4. Bosch Premium Oil Filter

The Bosch series of oil filters is one of the most popular choices. This company looks to be a significant player in the car components market.

These filters have a metal spiral-wound central tube for further longevity, which enhances internal strength.

Even more surprising is that Bosch Oil filters fulfill the OEM specifications and efficiently protect the engine from dangerous pollutants.

Your engine is protected against dry starts thanks to a silicone anti-drain back valve and an end cap design that prevents pollutants from entering.

Particulates and debris from synthetic and natural oil will fit in these oil filters with 99 percent efficiency.


  • This container has a contaminant and particle capacity of 14 grams.
  • Protects against hazardous particles and grime.
  • In the core of the tube would be a metal spiral.
  • Back anti-drain valve is made of silicone


  • It is not uncommon for a nitrile gasket to rupture during use.
  • Not so durable is the cover box.


5. AC Delco Professional Engine Oil Filter

The ACDelco brand is one of the most often mentioned on our recommended goods lists. GM OE and other components are available via the firm, a General Motors Original Equipment parts brand.

In my opinion, Cellulose media may not perform at the level of a synthetic one. There is outstanding build quality other than this shortcoming.

The ACDelco Gold (formerly known as Professional) Oil Filter uses thermal bonding methods and non-metallic end caps to enhance the overall seal and trap impurities as tiny as 30 microns.

A metal anti-drain valve protects the silicone anti-drain valve. Not to mention, the thermosetting adhesive sealant provides a more secure fit.


  • Can capture impurities down to a size of 30 microns
  • The official OE components brand of General Motors
  • The gasket has been lubricated
  • Thermal bonding and non-metallic end caps are two examples of this


  • Using cellulose as a medium is ineffective
  • This filter’s color is a little off


What Is The Purpose Of An Oil Filtering System?

Oil filters are essential to keeping your engine running cleanly, safely, and effectively, despite their price and size. Your engine produces a variety of pollutants as it churns through the oil in your machine, and a filter is designed to catch and store them all.

It’s easy to assume that all oil filters are the same, but a few factors are at play when determining which oil filters are the most reliable. More acceptable media in high-quality oil filters operate better in harsh temperatures and stop-and-go driving situations.


Few Guidelines For Selecting The Best Oil Filter

If you want to get the best synthetic oil filter, keep reading for some pointers on what to look for.

A Valve To Prevent Drainage Backwards

When the engine is turned off, these valves close to prevent oil from returning to the engine; a valve prevents clean oil from being recirculated into the machine between the intake base plate and the bottom end cap.


The purpose of oil filters is to keep the engine clean and free of contaminants. Because of this, when you’re shopping for a new oil filter, it’s crucial to know how many miles you’ve put on your vehicle.

Media Separation Using Filters

The oil filter’s most critical component is the filter media. Steel or cellulose end caps hold the filter assembly together while the pleated material wraps around the central tube.

Endplates are no longer required on some more modern filters, which are adhered to the middle tube instead. Manufacturers utilize either wood-based cellulose or synthetic filter media or a mix of both when it comes to cellulose.


Before purchasing a new oil filter, you need to know how easily the filter can be penetrated and how much heat it can withstand before it goes bad. This tip directs us to the next one, from which we may glean the details mentioned earlier.

It good Idea To Check Out Others

One of the most acceptable ways to learn about a product is to read online reviews. A filter for oil is no different. An oil filter’s durability may be determined by reading internet reviews from individuals who have used the product; this information can be invaluable in helping you make a purchasing choice.


Maintaining your vehicle’s functionality is critical if you want it to keep you safe. One of the components you should be aware of is the oil filter. As soon as you start using it, keep an eye out for any warning indications of a problem or track your miles to see how much longer it will last.

However, this does not imply that an oil filter should be costly. Oil filters may cost a little, so shop about the next time you need to replace yours to avoid being ripped off.


Benefits Of Using A Good Oil Filter

This is an excellent time to consider an extended-life oil filter since many car manufacturers are raising oil change intervals to 7,500 or even 10,000 miles.

You should know about these oil filter brands to avoid and consider the advantages of utilizing an oil filter from a reputable manufacturer.

Savings Due To The More Precise Timing

Replacing your oil takes time, regardless of whether you do it yourself or hire a mechanic. If you use synthetic oil and an oil filter with extended service life, you may go longer between oil changes.

This saves you from having to spend time and effort crawling under your vehicle to change the oil. As a result, the amount of time spent in the repair shop, reading outdated magazines, and sipping on stale coffee decreases.

Constructed With Strength and Durability

Extended-life oil filters are more durable since they’re meant to endure for a more extended period. Cellulose is the primary material used in conventional oil filters. When it comes to synthetic resin media, Mobil1 Premium filters have 98 percent efficiency. 

Their strong flow and pressure resistance may outperform certain OEM filters by 10%. Moreover, a silicone gasket and a silicone anti-drain back valve are included in the Mobil1 Premium extended-life filter. As a result, they can resist high temperatures for longer service life.

Life Of The Filter

Using an extended-life oil filter is the most evident benefit. Using this filter, you’ll get the best filtration for a long time. A good illustration of this is the 10,000-mile filter life expectancy of Mobil1 Premium.

Late-model automobiles, which often have longer oil change intervals, are ideal candidates for this method. Premium Guard extended life filters are also beneficial for vehicles that use synthetic motor oil.

Cost Can Be Reduced

Extending the life of your filter will save you money in the long term. If your car has a lengthy interval between oil changes, you shouldn’t use a regular oil filter at all. The typical oil filter on a vehicle will last for just 5,000 miles.

Your vehicle’s safety depends on whether you replace the oil filter between service appointments or have to change the oil more often. Extending the life of your oil filter is a better option than any of these choices.

Remove The Oil Filter Safely Using These Pointers

During this time, remove the unfiltered oil or dirty oil by filter and let the remaining oil flow out of the engine.

The oil released when the filter is removed should be collected in a container placed below it.

You may be able to remove the filter by hand, although it might be challenging to loosen filters since they tend to become tighter with time.

For around $18.00, you can get filter pliers at the same place you buy your motor oil. It will also work if you happen to have a strap wrench on hand.

Make sure to prime the new filter by adding motor oil before you screw it on. The gasket should be lubricated with some oil as well. This is the black o-ring that sits next to the filter’s threads.

Never use filter pliers to tighten the filter; instead, use your hands to make sure it’s snug. All that is required to remain in place is a tight fit.

It’s a good idea to replace the air filter after you’ve changed the oil filter. From the front of your car, this is accomplished.

Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, the air filters may be found on either side of the engine and are often housed in a plastic container.

To replace the air filter, remove the clips, raise the plastic cover to the filter, remove the old filter, slip the new one into place, and reinstall the covering and clasps.


Can I Replace My Oil Filter Without Draining The Oil?

It is certainly possible to replace your filtered oil without draining the oil level. The location of the oil is not affected by a filter replacement at all. What comes out of your anti-drain back gasket is the only oil contained within the filter. 

You may lose up to a whole quart of oil when you change the filter, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. It’s pretty OK to do this, and it does no damage.

You may adjust your bypass filter with a bypass valve if you choose. According to most people, if you have a vehicle with a bit of oil filter, you don’t need to “prime” your filter first. 

It’s a more common practice for diesel filters to do this. There is no damage if you can quickly get to it; if it’s not easily accessible, you may have to clean up after yourself.


How to Change the Oil Filter Without Draining Oil?

When the oil plug is removed, your vehicle’s oil may be drained from the oil pan. About 70 to 80 percent of the oil in an automobile is stored in the oil pan. All that’s left in your system is in your filter and oil pantries.

You will see this oil in the drain pan when removing the filter. A small quantity of oil is usually lost when you only replace your filter. This level of oil loss is not dangerous to the vehicle and should not prompt an oil change sooner.

Adding an appropriate replacement once you’ve lost a little bit of oil is all that’s required. A dipstick is an excellent tool for checking if the levels are proper. Ensure there are no leaks before you get in the vehicle and you’re ready to go.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Oil Filter Brand Matter?

Good, better, and best are all common filter grades offered by most filter manufacturers. To save money, you don’t need to buy a better filter if you use mineral oil and replace the oil and the filter on the recommended timetable.

A name-brand filter is essential for those who use synthetic oil or want to go longer between oil changes.


Can You Use The Wrong Oil Filter?

Oil pressure may be significantly affected by using an improper oil filter like a Fram oil filter. Oil pressure may be lowered by using the incorrect filter, using the wrong filter, or using a filter that is blocked.

Too much or too little oil might enter an engine if the relief valve is broken or if the improper filter is used.


Which Oil Filters Last The Longest?

Alternative synthetic oils are available for automobiles initially maintained with conventional oil. As a general rule of thumb, synthetic oils perform better and last longer than traditional oils or synthetic blends, but premium oil is significantly more expensive.


Is Oem Filter The Best?

In general, aftermarket oil filters are less expensive than OEM oil filters. OEM oil filters, Supertech oil filters, Cartridge filters, or Wix filters win out over aftermarket alternatives when it comes to long-term expenses.

Compared to the cost of a new engine or any repairs due to premature wear, even the most costly OEM oil filter is a significant bargain.


Should I Change The Oil Filter With Every Oil Change?

According to several manufacturers, the oil filter should be replaced every time you get your oil changed. Filters need to be replaced about every 12,000 miles on a vehicle with a 6,000-mile service cycle (as with most current automobiles).


Final Words

We hope that the information we’ve provided about oil filter brands to avoid has been helpful to you. By giving your automobile the worst oil filter, you have indicated that the vehicle will be damaged in the long run. What’s the point of paying more for inferior goods when you can get better ones for less?

If you’re looking for the most excellent oil filter, steer clear of the goods we’ve listed above and consider the ones we’ve recommended, which are among the finest on the market at a reasonable price.


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