5 Surprising Solutions of Roll N Lock Bed Cover Problems

Everyone wants to know about a product’s performance before buying. When buying Roll N Lock Bed Cover, you might also want to know its performance as well as problems while using it.

So, curious to know the Roll N Lock Bed Cover problems before buying? Well, you can experience a few complications with this cover including water leaking, rails unlatching, rolling problem, perfect sizing, no expected security, hard to get on, and improper covering of the elements.

So, think before buying them. However, the good news is that you can solve these problems if you follow our instructions. With that, some more surprising news is coming later. So, continue reading to know more about this cover.

Roll N Lock Bed Cover Problems and Their Solutions 

As stated earlier, many problems might affect your Roll N Lock Bed cover using experience. Some problems are avoidable by being careful while using, and some are fixable.

But very few of them are hard to get rid of and avoid. You must know about all of them. The following are the problems that most users find after using this.

  • Rolling Out Issues
  • Rails Unlatching Problem
  • Getting A Perfect Size Is Challenging
  • Water Leaking Issue
  • Weight Capacity Limit Is Low

These are just the names of problems. However, you need to know about them in detail. Because if you miss them, you might make mistakes. Let’s understand these problems with the Roll N Lock Bed cover.

1. Rolling Out Issues

The complaints that most dissatisfied customers made against the Roll N Lock Bed cover are rolling out. If you plan to buy one, you should know this issue well.


The main reason behind this issue is weaker feting and improper installation. Some users said that the rolling system stuck suddenly and then the cover got some damage.

Again, if the bed cover is close-fitting, one might roll it over on itself very easily. Thus, causing damage. Also, too much carelessness can put your Roll N Lock Bed Cover outside limits.

So, this is a logical problem that your Roll N Lock Bed Cover may fall into.


If the spring inside the roller works better and you are careful, half of the problem will be solved automatically. But the rest of the things should get some attention from the manufacturer.

2. Rails Unlatching Problem

Another issue that many people find is the unlatching problem. This is the biggest problem that we find behind the name of the Roll N Lock bed cover.


This kind of problem can be with both rails or frames. With such things, you might get your cover stuck in its entirety and disconnect it.

Some users said that the cover unlatches from the ends while driving at a higher speed or rough road. That may come off from any end of the cover.


However, this is not the problem of bed cover only. The responsibility goes to installation and also the truck body system. If the technician follows the proper installation guide, then this is not so serious as a problem.

3. Getting A Perfect Size Is Challenging

This problem refers to size selection. We will not blame the Roll N Lock authority for it. If you fail to find the perfect size and shape, then it is your failure.


Roll N Lock has different sizes available in their products and Bed Covers. Take the one that suits your vehicle size. But the problem is, finding the perfect size is a task of disturbance.

No cover will fit on all sides perfectly. Thus, it is hard for anyone without a measuring truck body or guide to putting these on.

So, this will take your relaxation away if you make any misjudgment in the cover size selection. The unlatching problem will occur if the size is wrong.


There is a way to avoid this problem of Roll N Lock bed cover. You should pick surfaces that can be rotated easily on both sides to allow easy access when rolling it out.

4. Water Leaking Issue

This is also for customers over expectation. But here, we can expect because the authority introduces their covers, saying they are waterproof.


Water will be leaking through the skin on the Roll N Lock Bed Cover. The waterproofing is not as impressive as you may think it to be.

But the good news is that the cover has no hole. Instead, if there is rain and you roll the wet cover, the roller will send some water inside.

Because of drilling holes in this cover, water can enter easily and eventually get wet inside the pores of the cover or around its outer edges.


The easiest way to solve the Roll N Lock Bed Cover problem’s water leaking problem is mopping the cover before rolling them. If you see the cover is wet by rain or any other water, you must mop that and remove the water.

Then after rolling, the water will not get any way to enter into it. In case of snow, try to remove them anyway.

5. Weight Capacity Limit is Low


The cover made by Roll N Lock usually has a weight capacity limit of 120 pounds. This weight capacity is the highest. With this weight-taking capacity, you cannot take anything on it.

If you take a higher load, the cover will break completely, or its frame will bend. 


But there is a solution to this problem. You may use some support for the cover to carry more weight.

If you can use any rod or other kind of hard thing over the cover and place them on both sides of the body, then you may carry extra loads. But you have to tie the load with rope to keep the load and cover safe.

Are Roll N Lock Bed Cover Reliable?

Roll N Lock bed cover is designed to give you an additional layer of security to your truck. It protects your cargo from flying elements and theft, providing a reliable service.

The tonneau cover is made of rugged and robust aluminum, providing versatile performance. Its retractable functionality permits you to open and close the cover within seconds.

You will have:

  • No crossbars to negotiate
  • No Fabric shrinkage
  • No manipulated snaps

Overall, the Roll N Lock tonneau cover is one of the advanced covers made for trucks. It comes with so many reliable and excellent features that other tonneau covers don’t have.

Although it has a few errors like all other tonneau covers, with periodic maintenance, the problems can easily be avoided.

5 Amazing Tips to Maintain Your Truck Bed Cover

Please follow these instructions to ensure that your truck bed can take care of you.

1. Put A Bed Liner on the Truck Bed

If you choose the proper one, bed liners may perform wonders. Drop-in or spray-in options are available. However, there are significant distinctions between the two.

Drop-in liners are simple to install and remove, but they are not as long-lasting as other floor coverings. The snow and salt may also become stuck underground, leading to problems you aren’t even aware of.

2. Don’t Forget About the Backside of the Bed!

Protecting the mattress isn’t the only thing to keep in mind. Just as crucial as the top is the bottom. As a result, it might rust and produce the same problems.

Keep the undercarriage clear of road salt and clean to prevent corrosion. Undercoating it with a bed liner is the most effective method of protection. Using a rubberized texture, dirt and grime easily slide off, preventing erosion.

3. Use A Truck Hood

A vehicle cap, like a tonneau cover, might be an option. It’s also known as a “camper shell” by others. It’s just a cover for your truck bed and your contents.

In contrast to a tonneau cover, which rests flat on the truck bed, this one has a raised cap. The ideal way to wear your headgear is to match the height of the truck’s cab.

4. A Tonneau Cover Is Highly Required

When it comes to a tonneau cover, they safeguard your goods by being fitted over the bed. They’re lovely for keeping your cargo secure, but they also protect your truck bed from the weather. You may also use them to keep your goods safe from being stolen. 

Tonneau coverings are available in a variety of styles. One may find ones made of softer rubber material, while the others might be tougher, like fiberglass.

There are other variants with hinges and retractable models. If the tonneau cover is installed correctly, it may also offer your vehicle a fresh, fashionable look.

5. Get Rid of the Snow

If you live in a region where snowfall is expected, you must keep the snow off your vehicle. Although parking your car in the garage is the best option when it’s snowing, we understand that’s not always an option.

The longer you leave snow in your car’s bed, the more likely it will rust, so remove it as quickly as possible. Even if you don’t have your vehicle in the snow when traveling on icy roads, you might still pick up a little snow on your windshield.

People Also Ask More

Is There Any Better Way to Solve Roll N Lock Bed Cover Problems?

Yes, there is an alternative to these problems, and most of them are shown just below the problem section. If you want a different solution, be careful while using it and take regular care of that cover. You can be cautious while installing the cover.

How Much Are Roll and Lock Bed Covers?

Roll N Lock bed covers depend on their model and specifications. But the average price of their bed covers starts from $1200 to $2000. If the price is high, the quality will also be increased.

Where Are Roll N Lock Covers Made?

The covers are made by Roll N Lock and are made in their factories. Most of their factories are located in the USA. The exact location is Pompano Beach. All these covers are made in that city of America.

Can You Stand on Roll-N-Lock?

The answer is both yes and no. Because some models are made with aluminum plates, you can stand there to test their strength. But you cannot do that with all their models. Because some are made of vinyl. These cannot take extra loads.

Are Roll and Lock Waterproof?

No, they are not waterproof. But there is a feature in most bed covers that can keep things dry inside the car. If the water is more than its control, it will fail to keep things dry. But some bodies can handle more water than others.

Can You Repair the Tonneau Cover?

If you can repair it, that depends on the situation and its problem. With that, your experience and skill are also things to consider. If the problem is simple, then you can try. But if the problem is out of your control, leave it for experts.

Our Final Opinion

Now we know major Roll N Lock bed cover problems with their probable solutions. Also, there are so many good things about these bed covers.

The good sides of these bed covers are more than its entire problems. Overall, you will love this bed cover and buy one without any hesitation. 

Finally, you should also keep its problems in mind before making a buying decision.

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