Exploring Rotella T5 VS T6 Synthetic Oil Performance

Are you worried about your present lubricants, and is it more expensive? To increase the fuel economy rate, do you want to replace oil with Rotella T5 or T6? Here you get your answer on what will be the best after distinguishing Rotella T5 vs T6.

The key difference between the T5 and T6 is their synthetic rate. Shell Rotella T5 synthetic oil provides advanced additives and protects in low temperatures. However, Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 diesel engine oil is introduced with triple protection plus technology to protect against oil breakdown, deposits, and wear. 

They are also responsible for protecting your engine from unnecessary elements and performing in cold weather. Let’s check the comparison table to get a clear view of Shell Rotella.

Rotella T5 vs T6

Rotella T5 is synthetic oil that will be essential to keep your engine’s durability. Not only that, but better performance Rotella T5 synthetic oil is crucial for a long time. 

Your pickup, car, or other vehicles will be adjusted perfectly and flow at a stable pressure. As a result, you can quickly spark your engine oil with a low temperature in critical situations or cold weather.

Rotella T6 is also essential to keep your engine durability with a vast range and full synthetic oil. So you get triple layer protection to save your engine from bad partials. 

The best diesel oil is effective in keeping the internal combustion chamber fit. It also protects from antioxidants, anti-wears, and dispersants and saves your engine from the chemical reaction.

Differences & Similarities Table

        Category         Rotella T5        Rotella T6
Blend Nature       Synthetic Diesel    Full Synthetic Diesel
AdditivesAntioxidants, Detergents, Anti-wear, DispersantsSame (Multi Functional Dispersant)
Oil Change Frequency     5000-7500 Miles     7500-15000 Miles
ACEA & APIACEA-E9 & API-CK-4, CJ-4, CL-4 PLUS, CL-4, CH-4               Same
Grade of ViscositySAE 10W-30, SAE 15W-40SAE  0W-40, SAE 5W-30, SAE 5W-40, SAE 15W-40
Price per Gallon            Cheaper            Expensive


Rotella T5 & T6: Details Comparison

To know in detail, here we try to make a detailed comparison of their specific character. Let’s check the differences and similarities of Shell Rotella.

Blend Nature

Rotella T5 is introduced with a synthetic format essential to keep the value in all types of diesel engines. Rotella T5 synthetic oil plays a vital role in increasing diesel engine productivity.

On the other hand, the Rotella T6 is a fully synthetic oil. There is no option to mix other components. The pureness is better than the Rotella T6 and was genetically introduced with full synthetic oil.


Rotella T5 protects from antioxidants, detergents, dispersants, and anti-wear. It will be a crucial term to save your engine’s external and internal components and suck all unnecessary and harmful elements.

However, the Rotella T6 also protects antioxidants, detergents, dispersants, and anti-wear like Rotella T6. But it mainly works with multi-functional dispersants for better engine performance.

Oil Change Frequency

The Rotella T5 oil change frequency is about 5000 to 7500 miles. It even can be less or more. The range is formed with meaningful research and user opinion. But the content is not so high according to need.

On the other hand, the Rotella oil change frequency range is about 7500 to 15000 miles. That is a vast range, and it’s more than enough according to our demand. For high coverage, it will be the best option ever.


The Rotella T5 ACEA is ACEA-E9 & the API Number is API-CK-4, CJ-4, CL-4 PLUS, CL-4, CH-4. It will be essential to trace the manufacturer code and country origin number to identify the actual Rotella T5.

On the other hand, The Rotella T6 is also furnished with API and ACEA. This code will help reach out to the original synthetic base oils and Rotella T6 5W-40 diesel oil.

Grade Of Viscosity

Rotella T5 is introduced with reliable and various form viscosity grades: SAE 10W-30, SAE 15W-40. It will help you understand the standard level oil and ensure the brand originated in the US.

The Rotella T6 is also introduced with more reliable grade viscosity SAE 0W-40, SAE 5W-30, SAE 5W-40, and SAE 15W-40. According to your need, you can choose any SAE standard oil brand.

Price Per Gallon

The Rotella T5 price is lower than its components. The gallon starts at $18. Though the Dino oil change frequency range is scarce, its gallon is affordable. So you can change it anytime if you will feel a problem.

On the other hand, the Rotella T6 gallon starts at $30, and it’s not cheap at all. If you want to use expensive oil and avoid oil change frequency, it will be the best option to serve engine protection.


According to the detailed analysis, we can say that Rotella T6 can be the best option to keep fit your engine with a considerable range capability. If you have no objection to the price, we will recommend you use this oil filter. 

Hopefully, you will get the best service and enjoy a long drive without fuel problems. For heavy-duty diesel engines, Rotella T6 oil is more accountable than the Rotella T5.

People Often Ask

Is It Possible To Use Rotella T5 In a Gas Engine?

Yes, you can use Rotella T5 in gas engines, and it’s specially made for the Cummins LNG or CNG engines with catalytic converters.

It’s perfectly adjustable for any vehicle operated with 100% CNG or LNG fuel. So without any hesitation, you can use the Rotella T5 to protect the engine for better performance.

Which Rotella Performs Better In Extreme Heat?

When the matter of extreme heat all Rotella conventional oil performs from each position. But they are not acting in the same place for their various characters.

Here we try to make a list according to high to low order. Let’s check the rank of Rotella diesel oil.

  • Shell Rotella T4 Triple protection provides for heavy applications
  • Shell Rotella T6 5W40 for multi-vehicle
  • Shell Rotella T5 NG Ultra 10W-30

Which Rotella Offer Zinc?

The answer is Rotella T6 multi-vehicle 5W-40 diesel oil. Here, you get approximately 1200 ppm zinc, which is essential to protect the metal from metal occurring among the engine’s various parts.

So if you have an older or high-character base engine, it will be best to use.

Can Rotella T6 Fall Bad Impact On Gas Engine?

The Rotella T6 is a fully synthetic blend of diesel oil specially made for the diesel engine. Though Rotella T6 multi-vehicle 5W-40 diesel oil is specially formed for gasoline engines, it wouldn’t negatively impact the Gas Engine.


Hopefully, you get a clear concept of Rotella T5 VS T6 with their specific character. Now it’s easy to reach the final decision, which would be more relevant to you.

Rotella T5 synthetic motor oil is specially made for better performance in low temperatures. On the other hand, the Rotella T6 is introduced with triple protection plus a formula essential to safe oil breakdown and wear.

According to your engine needs, you should select the best one. If you have any confusion, reread the content carefully. You even can get suggestions from a synthetic diesel expert or relevant person.

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