Who Makes Carquest Oil Filters? (Details Explained)

As a concerned driver or car owner, one must know about CARQUEST oil filters. The CARQUEST oil filter is essential to keep fit your engine and ensure long-lasting performance. Let’s find out who makes CARQUEST oil filters with the necessary documents.

At present, the Mann+Hummel company produced a CARQUEST oil filter. Wherever in the past, WIX Filter and Filstron company would make the CARQUEST oil filter. This oil filter is the essential product of the Subsidiary Division of Advance Auto Parts and is wholly owned by American Advance Automotive Parts.

To learn more about CARQUEST oil filters just keep scrolling. It will help you to know the real producer with past and present references.

Who Makes CARQUEST Oil Filters?

At first, the mother company was WIX Filter and Filstron, responsible for making CARQUEST oil filters. But the need for time, they would bring under the Mann+Hummel group. 

Affinia Group, the owner of WIX, was acquired by the Mann+Hummel company. This company is the leading producer of CARQUEST oil filters and keeps the standard like the previous mother brand.


Mann+Hummel also supplies the best quality car equipment such as water filters, cabin, oil, oil induction, and fuel. CARQUEST oil filter is made with a professional filtering program. That’s why there is no chance to collapse the premium standard.

CARQUEST is also known as Advance Auto Parts Inc. and is more prevalent in the market. It is wholly owned by American Advance Auto Parts Distribution command with the best suppliers to offer consumers various car parts. 

The Mann+Hummel manufacturer team is responsible for producing the premium and standard CARQUEST oil filter cross reference with air and water cleaner mobility.

What Are CARQUEST Oil filters?

To increase engine durability and for better long-lasting performance with good mileage, a CARQUEST oil filter is produced. 

It’s even responsible for keeping the oil circulation system at a stable point with a dirt remover filter. That is specially designed to meet OE specifications by Advance Auto Parts.

The CARQUEST oil filter is introduced to increase the engine performance exceeding OE specifications and more Purolator oil filters than ever. 

Your new car or vehicle would provide the best support for oil change into the engine and increase mileage. CARQUEST oil filter plays the leading role in a smooth drive and continues smooth motor oil circulation into the engine combustion chamber. The filter element is also responsible for protecting oil flow from all dirt.

Standard CARQUEST Oil Filters

The American-owned Advance Auto Parts company is fully responsible for ensuring the best quality. Mann+Hummel CARQUEST corporation manufacturer team produces this oil filter so that it can perform at a significant distance and save the engine oil filter lookup with its dirt remover line design. 

Its synthetic media blend seems to be more durable and compatible with all types of vehicles. The Standard CARQUEST oil filter multi-fiber line provides the best protection from harmful elements with the Kohler oil filter.

Premium CARQUEST Oil Filters

Its synthetic media blend seems to be more durable and compatible with small engine oil filters. Its high-density media ensure a stable flow and are adjustable with fuel filter conventional oil. 

Here you get a warranty and hopefully perform a long time without any damage to your car or light truck. So you can trust this brand and use their filtration solution to increase Kohler engine performance with synthetic oil.

Why Is CARQUEST Oil Filter Best In Market?

You get various types of oil filters in the market, and they offer different features. But if you want a trustable brand, you can keep faith in Mann+Hummel Advance Auto Parts CARQUEST oil filters. Why it is the best, let’s check some points.


CARQUEST oil filter offers a vast mileage, and it’s up to 10,000 miles. So to get more mileage at an affordable price, the CARQUEST is the best oil filter on the market.

You can use this oil filter for your small truck and car to get extra mileage with champion labs and Hendrick Motorsport.

Suitable with Conventional Oil

The CARQUEST oil filter is suitable for any conventional oil. That’s why it will help decrease the dependency on the same oil brand with a Hydraulic filter. 

In any critical situation, you can use various oil brands with extra guards like the Air filter and SB filters. Hopefully, you get the best service for a long time with this conventional oil.

Multi-Fiber Material

The CARQUEST oil filter is specially designed with a multi-fiber material line to protect dirt and harmful elements. If there are any unnecessary elements in the oil, it will cause damage to the industrial filter. 

But its multi-fiber material sucks all harmful components with Fram filters and using more ford motor company.

High-density Media

The CARQUEST oil filter brand is introduced with high-density media to keep the oil flow at a stable point. If the oil circulation collapses for low-density media, the engine durability will decrease with Fram oil filters. That’s why it’s crucial to use a CARQUEST oil filter to save your engine.

Increase Engine Performance

The engine performance with the advanced auto parts. The oil circulation process is in the proper position and keeps it free from dirt or harmful elements. 

Here CARQUEST plays the leading role of sucking poison lawn mower oil filter and giving a long-lasting performance.

People Often Ask

How Interchangeable Are Oil Filters?

If you have an old version automobile and are not satisfied with its oil filter performance, you can replace the Baldwin filter with a CARQUEST oil filter with manufacturer suggestions. 

With a new CARQUEST oil filter in modern vehicles, the oil filter will be changeable and replacement oil filters are easy to make.

Are Mann+Hummel & WIX Same?

No, the WIX oil filter was a part of a leading manufacturer auto parts company in 2016, May 4. After that, the Mann+Hummel and Affinia group acquired the WIX and made them their wealth. 

So WIX and Mann+Hummel are different companies according to their origin but produce the same.

Is CARQUEST Oil Made By Valvoline?

The Amalie oil company generally produces CARQUEST oil containers, but there is a mix of Valvoline, Pennzoil-made oil, and Mobil 1.

The store values of the products are not genuine competitors at all, but the premium brands such as Mobil 1, Valvoline, and Liqy Moly perform as their actual competitors’ OEM filters.

Who Is The Producer Of Napa Oil Filters?

The answer is WIX. In 1938, WIX produced Napa oil filters for the first time. There were some specific benefits to making this oil filter: heavy-duty, synthetic, high performance, and standard quality Napa auto parts.

WIX still has 16,000 automobile products with the Kohler engine service manual.


Hopefully, you get a clear answer about who makes CARQUEST oil filters and you even get all the essential information on the CARQUEST auto parts oil filter. According to the detailed discussion, it would be easy to reach the final decision. 

As a trustable Advance Auto Parts brand, you can keep faith in Mann+Hummel company’s CARQUEST oil filter, which WIX produced first. 

So, the Mann+Hummel is the present real delegator of the CARQUEST oil filter. I think you have no confusion about the present producer of the CARQUEST oil filter. If you still have any confusion, reread the content or take help from an expert.

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