X31 VS Z71- Know The Key Differences Between Them

If you are thinking of going on an off-road journey, jeeps and trucks are the best vehicles that you can get. However, it is quite a complicated topic if we need to consider which model of truck is superior between X31 vs Z71.

Well, several factors come into mind when we are talking about these two models. However, the significant difference between the two is their brands. The X31 belongs to the GMC Sierra series, whereas the Z71 is from Chevy Silverado. 

So are you interested to know more about these two trucks? Then look no further since you are in the right place to answer all your queries.

X31 VS Z71- Basic Parameters

ParameterGMC Sierra X31Chevrolet Silverado Z71
Vehicle DrivetrainRear Wheel DriveFour Wheel Drive
Engine FuelGas V8Gas V8
Maximum Horsepower @ RPM355 @ 5600355 @ 5600
Maximum Torque @ RPM383 @ 4100383 @ 4100
Fuel SystemDirect InjectionDirect Injection
Engine Oil CoolerPresentNot Present
TransmissionAutoAuto With Paddle Shifters
Number of Transmissions1010

Fuel Economy Table

PropertyGMC Sierra X31Chevrolet Silverado Z71
CO2 Emission9.810.4
Usage Range384/ 504360/ 456
EPA Fuel Economy18/16/2117/15/19

Comparison Table Between X31 And Z71

GMC Sierra X31Chevrolet Silverado Z71
It has been manufactured with robust metal alloys that give the vehicle a light yet strong and ductile frameManufactures with metal sills that were put together for commercialization. Brush finish for the final product.
Attractive and glossy modern design.Classic and old fashioned look with minimalistic yet glossy designs
Although it has been marketed for off-road, it is suitable for all terrainsBest performance in off-road terrains
Suitable for any road track typesNot the best for hilly tracks
The cargo area is moderately sizedIt has a significantly larger cargo area compared to its competitor
A lower weight than the Z71 and so will not require much towing force when the situation calls for itHas a greater weight, therefore, it cannot be towed easily when required

Main Differences Between X31 VS Z71

We have already provided a comparison table above. However, we are aware that there are several more factors that we need to consider when determining the differences between the two. Well, it is time that we develop deeper into it. 


It has to be known that X31s were initially marketed as off-road rear wheel vehicles. However, they are pretty good in all terrains, irrespective of the tracks and texture. 

On the other hand, Z71 is suitable only for off-road. However, you might not want to drive it through hilly tracks if you want to get the best performance from it.

Body Manufacture

If we consider the manufacturing method of the body and frame for these cars, GMC X31 is built in the same way as other cars. It is manufactured from high-pressure point metals that are robust yet light using welding. 

For the Chevrolet Z71, the metal sills were pre-manufactured and then put into place. It is then accompanied by a brushed finish that further alleviates its glorification.  


When it comes to the facilities, they are very similar in what comes inside. However, there are specific points that can still be pointed out. For instance, the X31 has a built-in engine oil cooler which helps increase the rate of power emission compared to the Z71. 

The additional point is that X31 comes together with a technology that integrates with your smartphone. Although the Chevrolet has its own features like rear park assist and notable off-road package deals, it comes off from a far cry for GMC Sierra Denali.

Fuel Consumption

When it comes to fuel economy, the GMC X31 wins the battle. Despite having the same fuel capacity, the Z71 has a more significant CO2 emission. Additionally, GMC’s larger fuel capacity also contributes to making this model have a greater fuel usage efficiency rate. 

Differences Between Chevrolet VS GMC

Now that we have covered two of the models from both GMC and Chevrolet, you might be wondering which one between the two would be able to pack the better offer for you and your limited budget.

Well, that is what we are here for. We have compiled all the factors that you need to take into consideration so that you can find out the best choice between the two by yourself. 


Not many people know about this fact, but General Motors manufactured both Chevrolet and GMC. Chevrolet was separated at birth and became a vessel company to the original GMC. 

While there are several similarities between the two and the fact that they are being made in the same factory, it is the manufacturing method that determines the brand that the manufactured car will take after.


If we consider the price, then Chevrolet is the clear winner between the two. Because of its commercialized manufacturing technique, Chevrolets are far more affordable than GMC motors with a premium build. 

For instance, if we consider the Chevrolet Z27, it has a base price of 30,000 USD. On the other hand, the GMC X31 has a price tag of 53,000 USD. 

Seat Comfort

Both of these brands manufacture their cars in the same factory and use the same detailed and sophisticated engineering to ensure that the seats are as comfortable as possible with ample legroom.

However, Chevrolet might be the winner by a slight margin. It contains genuine leather upholstery in the passenger seats and door handles, whereas the GMC vehicle uses synthetic clothing.

Of course, this isn’t something to be picky about since not many people can detect major detail between the two high country pickup trucks in the first place.

Engine Performance

Both of the brands use gas-type fuels between V6 and V8 ratings, depending on the model. While the input energy and the rate of emission differ, both of them will provide similar results in engine performance. 

Additionally, both brands use the same engine motors, which result in the same horsepower and torque-speed in their model vehicles.

Fuel Economy

While most GMC and Chevrolet vehicles have similar fuel economy and carbon dioxide emission rates. However, a few special GMC vehicles use specialized engine options like the 53l ecotec3 v8 engine to reduce this emission. 

As a result, these GMC X31 package models have lower carbon dioxide and a superior fuel economy than any of Chevrolet vehicles. 

So Which One Is Better Between X31 VS Z71?

Well, there are several aspects of both these models, along with the brand of vehicles that make them, that you will need to understand before making the decision. 

We have already mentioned this earlier, but these cars are made in the same factory. This case is followed to improve certain flaws in the first car in the second car. 

Based on our perception, we believe that Z71 is the better choice between the two since it has a lower price tag.

However, if you can afford X31 in your budget, we advise you to buy the GMC for the GMC Sierra Elevation feature hat makes it far more eco-friendly than any other options with JHD hill descent control. You can check on the owner’s manual for more details

What Is The Difference Between The GMC Sierra SLT And SLE?

GMC is one of the most famous brands of off-road and on-road vehicles. In fact, Chevrolet, the very representative of American trucks, is a subsidiary of GMC.

The SLT and SLE are two of the more reputed but basic models of trucks that GMC manufactures in its Sierra series. The SLE is just a slight level above the basic prototype of the GMC Sierra. 

On the other hand, SLT is the same as the former while being far more premium. We say the same because they are manufactured with the same parts. However, certain more facilities are installed in the SLT, making it far more premium.

FeatureSierra (Base Value)SLESLT
Engine4.3L V62.7L I4 2.7L I4 
Wheels17 inches17 inches with six spokes20 inches with Black Glass paint
Audio SystemSix SpeakersSirius XMSirius XM
Extra featuresLighting in the cargo bayLeather steering wheel, heated front seats, and remote starting methodsSimilar to the SLE along with the clothed rear seat and more internal facilities in the elevation Black Package 

 People May Also Ask 

What Do SLE And SLT mean?

SLE and SLT are two of the most common GMC trucks. The SLE stands for “special luxury edition,” while the complete form of the acronym SLT is “Special Luxury Touring.” 

What Is The Engine SIze Of Z71?

The Z71 has a moderately large base engine size of 5.3 liters. Additionally, it uses the V8 gas type providing for 355 horsepower speed at a rate of 5,600 rpm. Crew cab models like the GMC Acadia, however, have lower horsepower and torque speed.

How Much Weight Does The Chevrolet Z71 Weigh?

The Chevrolet Z71 might be heavier than the X31. However, it still weighs less than most other trucks in the industry.

It only falls in the half-tonne truck category. This means that it can only get light-duty tasks done with a lower trailer limit and bed capacity.

Why Are Trucks Often Called 1500 or 4×4?

1500 from the GMC Sierra AT4 and Sierra Trim feature represent trucks that fall in the half tonne category used for light-duty menial tasks.

On the other hand, 4×4 from GMC Sierra SLT and Double Cab variants represent 4 wheeler trucks and new vehicles that can go off-road to complete a transporting job. 

What Is The Oldest Off-Road Truck To be Manufactured?

The oldest truck was built by an American brand called Autocar. Although the company was formed in 1897, the first truck was built in 1899. 

Final Words

Indeed, trucks have come a long way from being simple land transporters for trailering packages to even supporting the high towing capacity transport in extremely rough terrain with the perfect set of tires for maximum output.

If you are thinking about x31 vs z71 being at the pinnacle of the truck industry then you are wrong! There is still a lot of room for improvement that can be left for future generations to endeavor for!

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