Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners

Working with paint guns can be a mess if you are not using the right kind for your work type. Often, there might be splattering and spilling. As a result, a lot of the paint might get wasted. Moreover, being a beginner might also add to the problem as you might not have enough knowledge about what would be suitable for you.

Consider all your worries to be gone as we have handpicked the best automotive paint gun for beginners after researching a range of products.

This article will ensure you understand everything a beginner needs to have the perfect start to their painting journey.

Best Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners Reviews

As a beginner, you might be struggling to find the right automotive paint gun as there are plenty available in the market. Therefore, we have come up with a list of automotive paint gun reviews to make your purchasing decision easier.

1. DeVilbiss 803558 Finishline 4 FLG-670

The painting process itself can be tiring. Having to clean up the gun can be a chore that adds to the tiredness. Imagine having to spend hours just to get your gun cleaned. It is hard, right? That’s why it is best to get a gun that will ease the pain if it is easier to clean and maintain.

The anodizing of the machine makes it easy to clean up. All its insides and the body have been anodized; as a result, you won’t have to go through the hassle of cleaning up for hours post-painting. The design of the tool also makes it easy to be polished from time to time if needed.

It is a spray gun that has its atomization amplified with technology. With the use of it, you will be able to get a more professional finish and a great outlook. This product also has air caps along with fluid nozzles made up of high precision. As a result, you will be able to have more detailed workings.

This is a good quality gravity feed gun that is easy to work with and will provide you with a smooth painting process. It also comes with a range of fluid tips. The multiple tips will help you adjust depending on your work requirements and alter with ease.


  • Fluid nozzles
  • High-quality air cap
  • Range of fluid tips
  • Keeping clean is easy
  • Body is anodized


  • The air compressor needs to be bought separately


2. TCP Global Professional Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun

Are you looking for a paint gun that is going to give you a spray pattern that is consistent? If that is the case, then consider your search to be over as the second item on our list will serve you the exact purpose.

This tool offers you to work on both base and clear coating on your desired project that consists of viscous materials ranging from light to medium. Moreover, it also comes along with a fluid tip that is great to work with.

The fluid tip has a size of 1.4 millimeters which comes along with a cup made up of aluminum and can hold up to 1 liter of paint. Furthermore, the machine also offers you an air regulator as well.

You can change your spraying pattern as the gun has control knobs that allow you to make an adjustment. Moreover, you can also alter the pressure of the air and control the fluid according to your requirement.

This machine is made up of stainless steel; as a result, it is durable and will be at your service for a long time. You don’t have to worry about getting a new one for a long while and will be able to work with great comfort.

The product is a high-volume low-pressure paint gun that will ensure you get your work done with less overspray and a more controlled painting process. Why wait? Get your hands on the best automotive HVLP spray gun already!


  • The needle is made up of stainless steel
  • Comes with a nozzle set
  • Has air regulator
  • Professional and smooth finish
  • Adjustable


  • Can be hard to clean


3. Master Pro 44 Series High-Performance HVLP Spray

If you are someone who works with water-based paint or needs a paint spray gun that is great to work with waterborne paint, then this is the product you should go for. This product is suitable for automotive paintings for water-based coatings.

Moreover, it can hold up to 1 liter of paint in the cup that is made up of high-quality aluminum. It offers you a regulator for the air pressure that is high and will also provide you with a gauge. Furthermore, you will be able to work with paint viscosity ranging from light to medium to coat materials.

With the help of modern technology, the nozzle of the gun along with the needle and the air cap is designed to give you the perfect performance. The modernized innovation will ensure you a smoother finish.

You will be able to get works like clear coating, base coating, staging singles, etc. with the help of the fluid tip of 1.3 mm that will be provided with the gun. This tool will ensure you get a professional finish on various types of materials, such as industrial bodies and bodies made up of wood.

Upon using this machine, you will have both a neat top coating as well a base coating. It will make sure to do your painting job much easier and more comfortably. Add this to your cart before you run out of time!


  • Adjustable settings
  • Easy clean-up
  • Compatible with waterborne paint
  • Premium performance
  • Has an ideal fan pattern


  • Expensive


4. 3M  16580 Accuspray Paint Spray

The next product on our list comes with a whole kit for spray painting. Upon purchasing it, you won’t need to buy any additional equipment as it has everything for somebody new to this sector.

You will be getting 4 different nozzles in this kit from 1.2mm to 1.4 mm and a 1.8 mm nozzle as well. In addition, the kit also offers a spray gun that is accuracy and a paint cup that is made up of plastic. Along with that, you will get 5 liners and lids that are disposable.

Starting from cabinets, boats, and cars to art projects, you can use this product to get your painting works done. The size of the cup is 22 ounces which is a perfect and standard size. Furthermore, you can get various types of work done, including priming, base coating, varnishing, etc., with the help of this spray gun.

With the help of the various nozzle the kit offers, you will be able to work on various projects by adjusting the type of nozzle that is required. You can apply adhesives that are sprayable, varnishes, coatings, etc. with the different types of nozzles that are available.

Using this, you will be able to have a more efficient spraying process as it tends to waste less. You will be able to save about 70 percent of the solvents for cleanup and will save much of your cleaning time.


  • Lids are disposable
  • Easy to use
  •  22-ounce sized cup
  • Efficient
  • Can be used on a variety of materials


  • Might not be budget-friendly


5. REXBETI 700 Watt High Power Paint Sprayer

It can often be hard to work with painting tools. The weight of it may tire your hands as you work for hours. Even after taking breaks, your hand might not be at ease. This is why this product is great to work with as it is a very light-weighted machine that you can handle easily.

You will be able to work on various projects by adjusting the nozzle sizes. This machine offers nozzles of 6 different sizes. The size of the nozzles ranges from 1.0 millimeters to 3.0 millimeters. While nozzles of size 2.6 to 3 mm are amazing to spray on latex, chalk, and milk paint, 1-2 mm is better for varnishing and sealing.

The gun also comes with 3 different patterns for spraying, including circular as well as horizontal, and vertical. Furthermore, it comes with a 1000 ml paint container so that you can paint larger coats before having to get a refill.

You will be able to move around with ease as you will be getting a long cord of 6.6 feet for the power system. Moreover, it is also light-weighted and has a handy fitted size. You will be able to wash it easily and maintain it due to the way it is assembled.

This machine is powered by 700 watts which will give you a very smooth outlook. Furthermore, you will be able to have full control by altering the control of the flow of your tool.


  • Light-weighted
  • Electric
  • Has 3 spray patterns
  • Comes with 6 nozzle sizes
  • Flow control can be adjusted


  • Low battery life


6. Astro Pneumatic Tool 4008

Painting tools can be expensive. However, some of us may not have a high budget to get a spray gun that is moderately costly. If you are one of those beginners who is getting into this sector but don’t have a high budget, then the next item on our list is definitely for you.

This paint gun is a budget-friendly tool that will give you great service as you begin to start working with paint. The product comes with a nozzle size of 1.8 millimeters which is a very ideal size to work on within various projects.

It comes with a big fan that is adjustable. The size ranges up to 11” from a distance of 8’. Due to its amazing brush, you will be able to have a full coverage result and a clearer outlook on your painted body. Moreover, it has a good suction system and will ensure you with an anti-spill painting process.

The cup of the gun has a capacity of one quart and doesn’t drip. Along with that, the design of the valve is very exclusive and consists of a two-piece with the gun.

Furthermore, it is designed in a way that will make sure you can get it cleaned easily without any hassle. Why wait? Get your hands on the best budget automotive paint gun to start your journey with the right gear.


  • Easily cleaned
  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable fan pattern control
  • The air feed line is anti-spill
  • Budget-friendly


  • Doesn’t have a high-volume capacity


7. NEIKO 31215A HVLP Gravity

Are you searching for a spray paint gun that is durable? Purchasing a painting tool that can serve you for a long time is vital and something all of us tend to look for. Having a heavy-duty gun will not only stay in a condition but will also reduce the stress of having to get a new one soon.

Hence, the last item on our list is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. This gun is made up of steel that is resistant to rusting. The body of it consists of steel and comes with a cap made up of brass.

It is an HVLP gun that has a gravity feed design. The fluid is delivered with the help of three valves that are adjustable knobs. You will be able to have precise painting usage. Furthermore, it has a CFM. Of 4.5 air-consuming average as well.

This tool comes along with an air regulator that is made up of metal and a cup with a lid that is made up of aluminum. Its 1.7-millimeter nozzle will ensure you get various works done making it a multi-purpose paint gun.

Helping you to get a lot of your house paintings done on a budget, this product is highly suggested for beginners. This is a tool that is easy to use and will help you to work at ease like a pro, even if you are new to the business. Make sure you get this as soon as possible, or else you will be missing out.


  • Multi-use tool
  • Comes with three adjustable valve knobs
  • Heavy-duty
  • Complete set
  • Easy to use


  • Slightly costly


Features to Look for Before Buying

Often people tend to purchase this product by just looking at a review or two. However, you will need to know a lot more than just gaining knowledge from a few product reviews.

There are a few crucial factors that you need to know about before you purchase an automotive paint gun so that you can get your hands on the right product. Being a beginner, you have come across the right article as it will help you gain information to get the gain that will be worth your money.

Length of the Hose

While working on projects, you might have to move or might need to go further away from your pain container. Carrying around heavy equipment can be a hassle. Hence, it is important to have a hose that is going to be long enough and suitable for you to work with.

You should always check the length of the hose that will come with the gun before buying. If you own one that is not long enough, you can easily buy one that is longer and suits your length requirement.

Nozzle Size

The type of paint that can be sprayed and at what amount is determined by the size of the gun’s nozzle. And the width of the paint fan and to what extent you can spray also depends on it.

While slimmer paint fans help work on detailed projects, the broader ones are best for applying to bodies. It is better to get a gun that can offer you a range of sizes; as a result, it will be helpful to work on various types of projects.

Paint Container

Let’s say you are working on a large body, for example, a truck. Wouldn’t it be troublesome to change your paint container several times in between the process? Thus, ensuring to get a container that can hold enough paint is very vital.

Your paint cup needs to be large enough for the painting but not too large as it may become too heavy to work with. Having the correct size, you will be able to spray your paint more efficiently.

Power Source

All paint guns need the power to function. Before buying one, make sure to check the power requirement and the units of horsepower it offers. If the tool comes with a high-power system, then you will be able to get more pressure from the gun.

Control of the Gun

You will need a machine that is easy to control and comfortable to work with. The ease of your control depends on where the canister is placed on the gun. Furthermore, the weight of the tool as a whole also plays a big role in how easily it will be for you to use. It is better to get a tool that is lighter for a beginner.

Paint Compatibility

Different paint guns tend to be compatible with various paint types. While some are created to work with oil-based paint, some tend to work with water-based paints. It is better to buy the one that will be best for the type of paint you will be working with to get the best outcome.

Adjustable Factors

While working on different projects, you will need to change and adjust a few factors accordingly. You might need to alter your nozzle sizes, air pressure, speed, and more while working on various objects.

Therefore, look into products that will offer you adjustments so that you can change and choose the option according to your requirements. If not, then you might need to spend some extra cash on added equipment.

Types of Automotive Paint Guns

There are different types of automotive paint guns. Even though they function differently, they serve the same purpose. There are mainly four types of them, HVLP, LVLP, and Gravity Feed paint guns.


HVLP is mostly used these days, and it stands for high volume and low pressure. With less overspray, this type provides a more controlled spray. This type also tends to be highly efficient. The HVLP is a great type of automotive paint gun as it produces minimal waste and the gun equipment can be regulated easily too.


LVLP, also known as low volume low pressure, is a type of paint gun that uses low air volume compared to HVLP paint guns. This type tends to have a lower requirement for air and can be used in air compressors that are smaller.

Gravity Feed Paint Guns

The gravity feeds paint gun consists of the cup being placed at the top of the spray gun. Due to being placed at the top, it is obvious that the system uses gravity to function. The paint is released in the chamber of the spray gun below from the cup at the top that holds the paint.

This is the type of spray gun that doesn’t require much air pressure. The paint is atomized as the pressurized air blends with the paint. Furthermore, this type is much easier to work with and is great to work on with projects like vehicle restoration.

Benefits of Automotive Paint Guns

There are various advantages of using automotive paint guns for beginners. If you are someone new in this sector, know that you have come across the right equipment to get your painting work done.

Firstly, automotive paint guns will provide you with versatile applications. You can work on small or large projects using this tool. Not only is it good to fix little chips and scratches, but you can also work on applying large base coats. It is also a cost-effective process to work on your vehicles with.

With the use of the gun, you can make precise fixes and work on details. For creating various unique designs, you can use stencils, and the gun will make sure to avoid the wastage of paint. Furthermore, they tend to use less power and are energy efficient. It will get your work done faster using less paint in less time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to spray house paint with an automotive gun?

It is possible to use the automotive gun as a painting tool to house paint. You need to make sure you are capable enough to work with it and won’t create any mistakes. Moreover, a house requires layers of paint that differ a lot from painting vehicles. Thus, being experienced with the tool is important.

Why does the paint gun splatter?

Usually, it happens if you are not keeping your gun cleaned up or not maintaining it properly. It might also occur if you aren’t using the right pistol and paint according to your project. Upon maintaining these factors, you will be able to have a painting process without any splattering.

Is a gravity-feed spray gun good to use?

Gravity-fed spray guns are the best when it comes to working on automotive projects. You will be able to work with efficiency and versatility with these types of guns as they don’t need the air pressure system to function.

What should I use to clean my paint gun?

Keeping your gun clean is a very important task but making sure of the fact that you are using the right solvent for cleaning is also vital. Some of them might not be heavy-duty and good enough for oil-based paints or undercoats. Ensure to get a solvent that can work for both paint types and clean thoroughly.

How do you remove paint residue?

First of all, the air regulator should be detached from the paint gun and the air compressor. From the gun, remove all the paint that can be used later on if there is any excess. Along with the lip of the container, clean the whole body to wipe off left-out liquid as much as possible.

Pour the chosen thinner into the cup and shake well to dissolve the residue. Make sure to transfer the waste content of the cup before running the thinner through the mechanism of the gun.  Squeeze the trigger like you would while painting to ensure cleaning of the insides as well. Repeat the steps for deeper cleansing.

Final Words

Working on projects that require different types of nozzles can be something to worry about. However, you can purchase the  DeVilbiss HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Gun as it comes with a range of nozzles that you can choose from depending on your work requirement.

If you want something that is more budget-friendly, then you can go for the gun from Astro Pneumatic. We hope this article has helped you to get enough knowledge for you to get the best automotive paint gun for beginners. Make sure to keep the key features in mind to make a purchase worth the money.

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