How To Open The Rear Hatch Door Of A Jeep Grand Cherokee?

In case you are new with jeeps opening the rear hatch door can seem troublesome for you. It might be a little tricky, but trust us, the whole procedure (if explained properly) is very easy. That’s why we figured the easiest procedure for you in here. 

If you want to know how to open the rear hatch door of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, there are two different ways to save you. One is the tail gateway and the other one proceeds using the wheel press button. We will share both the ways and necessary other information in this article. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with the main context. 

How to Open the Rear Hatch Door of a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Let’s say you just bought your first Jeep Grand Cherokee. In all of your excitement, you start checking every function it comes with and every detail engraved into the Medium-sized SUV, then you realize that you can not, for the love of God, figure out how to open the rear hatch. 

Perhaps you simply forgot how to open the tailgate. Well, here it is, the step by step guideline on how to open the rear hatch of a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

There are actually 2 main ways to open the trunk:

As well as an additional unique way. Here are the steps for the first way:

1.You have to look below your tailgate where you will find a latch that is attached right under it.

2.Then with just a little tug, you should be able to open up the rear hatch of your Jeep. Afterward, you can load up your car as much as it’s capable of holding. 

Now, moving on to the next way. This is pretty simple to perform:

1.Let’s say for some reason you can not or do not want to leave the comforts. So all you can do is to carefully look at the main console dash just beside your steering wheel. 

2.There, to the left of the wheel, you’ll find a button that will open the trunk with just a press. You will still need to get out to put in or take out things from the trunk unless there’s someone else for that job.

3.Here comes the interesting part, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has been jacked up with an interesting function. If you look at the inside of your rear hatch door, you will see a similar latch on the inside to the one outside. 

Yes, it is for the exact reason that you are thinking of right now. If you or anyone at all gets locked up inside of the trunk of a Jeep Grand Cherokee then you can easily pull on the latch to open it. 

This is really good input from the designers and engineers since it could literally save someone’s life if there was ever a situation of that sort. 

How to Open a Stuck Rear Hatch Door of a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

You may want to seek other ways to open the trunk of your trunk does not open even after you have tried the above-mentioned ways. Fear not, because if you find your trunk to be stuck, here are some ways you could try opening it up again.

Although you should remember that it is good to go to a professional mechanic to fix the rear hatch door because it may be troublesome in the long run.

  • The first and foremost way you could try to open a stuck tailgate is by pressing your palm flat on the space above the latch and then try opening it with the latch system. If that doesn’t work then you could try giving it a slap while pulling on it.


  • The next method will only work if you do not have plastic lift handles. Scan the area between the bumper and the gas tank on the bottom part of your cargo floor, there you will see two metric nuts in the size 15mm that are there to hold on to the striker bracket strongly to the floor. This thing is what allows the door to be closed.


  • The nuts might be hidden by a gas tank’s skid plate or a tow hitch bracket. However, if you are able to see the nuts then simply take a metric socket and a socket wrench then use them to take the nuts off, resulting in the door flying open. Then you can reinstall the nuts and tighten them to the perfect position, thus fixing the problem of a stuck rear hatch.


  • If you have plastic handles then your trunk may be stuck because of the handle expanding due to heat. Try spraying some cold water on it which will cool it down and make it contract back into its default size, it may just do the job.


  • Another reason your rear hatch door may be stuck could be rust. If the latch mechanism collects bits of rust, you could try PB blasting the crack of the door where the nuts and bolts are located. This will get rid of any unwanted loose rust and leave the door unjammed. Soon enough you should be able to open the trunk door.



Hopefully, by now it’s clear to you how to open the rear hatch door of a Jeep Grand Cherokee? We tried to help you with the easiest possible way so that you can perform the procedure even if you are a beginner. 

If you are unable to open the tailgate even after trying all the methods neatly presented to you in the paragraphs before this, then it’s best you believe it’s time to ask a proper mechanic to fix the problem. 

Sure it’ll cost you some of your money but if you keep trying to open it by yourself and cause more damage to the Jeep then it could seriously hurt your wallet more than it would’ve initially.

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