Jeep Vs Truck- The Real Difference And Similarities

Jeep and truck, both are amazing vehicles. But these two have very few similarities other than differences. Even though very few people talk about this but you need to know the differences to make your choice in a better way. 

You might ask- what’s the difference and similarities between jeep vs truck? In short, a truck is more suitable for you if your intention is Heavy Lifting and big space. But if you want better off-road activity and speed as well as availability, you might think of buying a jeep for you. There are a lot more core differences as well. 

So, Which one is worth buying? We have gathered every piece of information for you here and you will soon get acknowledged about all the things that you need to know about. Without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Let’s look at the differences at a glimpse: 

Specialty Convenient choice 
Off-road driving Jeep
On-road driving Both
Modern facilities Jeep
Towing capability Truck 
Gas mileage Truck
Daily driving Jeep
Heavy liftingTruck
Affordability Jeep

Jeep Vs Truck: All The Differences And Similarities

Now we will share what we gathered from our research. We have decided to make core factors and the Performance of jeep and car in those factors. So, let’s get started! 

  • Off-road driving 

If we look into the off-road driving capability, you must go for a jeep. Since the start, the jeep has been renowned for being the master of off-road driving. But you can also use small trucks for your off-road driving as well. 

  • On-road driving 

In the case of on-road driving, both the jeep and truck work the same. So if you are confused to pick one for your daily on-roading driving, you should make the decision based on other answers. 

  • Modern facilities 

Jeep is a newer form of the vehicle whereas the truck is quite old to be said. So you can implement modern facilities into jeep more. Also, your jeep will be a better incompatible vehicle for numerous upgrades. 

  • Power 

Considering the power, both seemed the same to serve us. But if you consider the mileage, in this case, the truck wins here. You will get better mileage from the truck than the jeep. 

  • Towing capability 

Often we overlook this feature while buying the vehicle. But this is a major factor to be concerned about. We found out that the truck serves more towing capacity than a jeep. So, if you are looking for a towing capacity, you should go for a truck. 

  • Capacity 

Better towing capacity ensures better handling capacity and weight capacity as well. So if you look for more space and handling capacity, you should go for a truck. 

Jeep vs Truck: better gas mileage 

Gas mileage is one of the key differences between Jeeps and Trucks. Jeeps, in general, give less mileage than trucks. So, if you are looking for something fuel-efficient, trucks would certainly be a smarter choice. 

Though currently, many Jeeps have higher mileage, for example,  the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited has an impressive 25 miles per gallon mileage, however, in reality,  it hardly gives this much mileage. 

Jeep drivers often complain about not being able to make the most of Its mileage, since Jeep wastes a lot of fuel. On the other hand, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Duramax has a spectacular mileage of 27 mpg, making it one of the most fuel-efficient trucks in the market. So, trucks are a clean win in case of efficiency.

Jeep vs truck daily driver: which one is better

When it comes to daily driving, there is a range of things that needs to be taken into consideration, which includes the comfort of driving, location, mileage, safety, etc. For instance, compared to trucks, Jeeps have less mileage, making it difficult to use in daily driving. That being said, trucks are way larger in size as well as heavier, which makes it harder for daily use. 

Jeep’s are easier to park, can go to places where trucks can not. Especially in congested areas, using trucks for daily driving can be uncomfortable. Also, for off-roading, Jeep’s are the best.  

So, in short, for daily driving Jeep’s are a great option. But if you prefer something safer or more stable, smaller size trucks can also be an option. Although, in general, trucks are better for work.

Also, keep in mind that trucks are way safer than Jeeps. Jeeps in fact have a higher accident rate than trucks. So, as long as you are not driving in a contested area, trucks should be fine.

Jeep vs truck pros and cons

Both these transportations consist of some pros and some cons. Let’s have a quick look: 

Pros of jeeps: 

  • Better off-roading capability 
  • Modern facilities
  • Better Renovation & Appeal
  • Affordable price
  • More reliable 

Cons of jeeps:

  • Less towing capacity 
  • Average handling 

Pros of trucks: 

  • Better handling 
  • Good power
  • Better towing capacity 
  • Both off-roading and on-roading capacity
  • Impressive mileage 

Cons of trucks:

  • Quite risky 
  • Old model
  • Less possibility of an upgrade 

Jeep Wrangler vs Pickup Trucks: What’s the difference?  

Jeep and truck both have their features which make them unique. However,  which one is the right choice for you depends largely on your needs. Let’s have a quick of the features of both of the vehicles: 

  • Size comparison: 

Size is one of the key differences between truck and jeep. In fact, the vehicle’s power and engine capacities depend a lot on their size. 

When it comes to size, trucks are certainly in an advantageous position. These giants weigh way more than an average jeep simply because they are manufactured to pull heavyweight. In other words, they are workhorses that are great for towing.  

On average, a pickup truck weighs around 6000 lbs. A class 4 medium truck weighs from 14,001-16,000 lbs. Compared to trucks, jeeps are lightweight. Although they can be used for towing as well, their performance cannot come close to trucks. The 2010 Jeep Wrangler weighs around 4100 lbs. 

  • Power: 

Trucks are also a win when it comes to power since they are designed for heavy lifting. Jeeps, on the other side, are not that efficient in case of heavy lifting. Therefore, trucks can carry way more than their capacity compared to the Jeeps in general. 

  • Safety: 

Jeeps aren’t particularly known for their safety measures. In fact, jeeps can only provide mediocre protection with minimum safety features. For Instance, among all the Jeep Wrangler models only JK Wrangler has airbags, traction, and stability control features.  

However, Jeep has a drastically better safety performance in a more rough outdoor environment compared to trucks. Trucks are not made for rougher tracks, rather built for normal roads with noticeable safety features. 

  • Adventure driving: 

If you’re into adventure driving, jeeps are the way to go. Jeep’s main appeal lies in its ability to drive in remove, rough and hilly tracks. For off-roading Jeeps are a clear win. Jeeps can be customized for outdoor terrains and their light-weight body puts them in an advantageous position. 

Specially Jeep Wrangler, which is made for off-roading. Its advanced options allow users to modify the vehicle to its fullest. For instance, Jeeps allow users to change their height which gives them better benefits in hilly tracks. 

Trucks, on the other hand, have little to no customization options, which limits their performance in a hostile environment. Although trucks can also be used for adventure driving the experience might not be as pleasant, considering they are heavyweight giants that can not reach certain areas. 

  • Value for money: 

Jeep’s are in general costlier than trucks. Despite that Jeep’s are a better choice because their resale value is pretty high compared to trucks. As matter of fact, even after three years of use,  Jeep Wrangler can have almost 70% of its original price. 

On the other hand, the Truck’s resale value decreases drastically within only a few years of Its usage. This makes Jeep Wrangler affordable and a great vehicle to invest in.

Covering up

Hope by now you got a very clear idea on jeep vs truck. To conclude, both Jeep Wrangler and pickup trucks have their advantages and disadvantages. However, if you need a workhorse with better mileage and heavy-lifting functionality, trucks are the right choice. If you want a vehicle with the purpose of adventures, Jeep Wrangler is the way to go.

So, now it’s your turn to make your decision and get the vehicle according to your choice. So read the comparisons again and make your choice according to your needs. Hopefully, you will get a better service with the comparison of all the factors.

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