How To Reset Abs Light On Jeep Compass- Elaborated For You

Are you troubled with resetting your jeep’s ABS light? ABS light matters a lot on the safety of your jeep compass. In fact, it is the indicator if your jeep is locked or unlocked. The full form of ABS is the antilock braking system of your jeep compass. If by any chance the antilock system light shuts off, then it will mean the malfunction of your ABS system. That’s when you should reset the light.

But how to reset abs light on jeep compass? Well, the whole procedure is pretty simple. Starting with resetting the central computer, you have to move on step by step. Today, we will share the elaborated process with you so that you don’t need any other person to reset your jeep’s ABS light. 

Keep on reading and you will also know about resetting the reset abs light without the scan tool and many things more. Let’s get started! 

How to Reset ABS Light on Jeep Compass

Well, ABS or Anti-lock Braking System prevents your car from skidding by fending off your car wheel from getting locked up after hard braking. So, if the light of your ABS is on, it indicates that there might be some problems with your system. There is a range of reasons why the light might be on. 

Regardless of the reasons, the procedure to reset the light is the same. If you are wondering why it is happening or how to reset it, here’s a step-by-step guide for you. This whole process is done without a scan tool, so if you want to know how to reset abs light without a scan tool, this is going to help you in this regard as well. 

Step One: 

First and foremost, you need to reset the central computer of your vehicle. To do that, start by opening up the hood of your car. Then take out the cable from the positive terminal of the battery.

Step Two: 

 After that, you need to remove the ECM fuse.  Check your car’s fuse box and takeout the fuse labeled as “ECM”. Leave the vehicle in this state for about a couple of minutes to allow your car to reset. 

Step Three: 

Once that is done, attach the fuse and positive terminal cable of your battery again. That will be enough to reset the car’s memory and consequently, turn off the light. However, if the light turns on again, it may require changing the sensor of the anti-lock brake system. Below are the steps you need to do if the light turns on again. 

Step Four:

If the ABS light stays on even after resetting your car memory, it is quite possible that the sensor in your ABS is sending false signals. This is probably because with time the efficiency of the sensors deteriorates. If that happens, it’s time to change the sensors. 

As sensors are quite affordable, replacing them should not be an issue. To do that, check the wheel hub of your Jeep. You will find a sensor housing attached to it. Open up the sensor house and replace the worn-out sensor with a new one by removing the sensor wire. 

This should do the work. However, if it doesn’t, then you need to repeat the above-mentioned steps again and reset the computer memory by detaching the positive terminal of your battery.  If this still does not solve the problem, you have to perform step five. 

Step Five:

When you have tried all the steps mentioned above but the problem still has not been solved, you have to trace down the trigger which is causing the light to turn on. For that, an OBD code reader is required.  You can either purchase one or take your car to any car repair store near you. 

In case you want to go with the former option and do it yourself, you can get OBD readers easily near you within around 30-50 bucks. Connect the reader to the Onboard diagnostics system of your Jeep and it will diagnose the problems that are triggering the light. After identifying the problematic parts of your brake and fixing them, the lights should be gone. 

Is it a Problem if the ABS Light Stays On?

When you start your car, the ABS light flicks on for a moment before turning off again. This is to assure you that your car is checked and ready to be driven. However, if you notice that the light stays on instead of turning off after a while, it means that something is not working in the system and needs to be tended to.

Now, even if your ABS is not working properly, the brakes of your car shall still work. Hence, this might still be safe. However, note that in this condition, ABS will not work in case of an emergency, which means a safety feature of your car is missing. 

Moreover, ABS helps to maintain vehicle control. So, it might create some problems if it is not working.  If the braking system warning light turns on at the same time it indicates that your vehicle is way too risky to drive. So, it’s very important to pay attention if your ABS light is on and fix it as soon as possible. 

Final Words 

By now, you probably got the extended idea on how to reset abs light on jeep compass. The whole procedure is very easy to follow even if you don’t have any scan tool. But you need to do the work carefully cause the slightest mismatch can bring a lot of problems. We hope that our detailed guide has been entirely helpful to you. 

The main work here is with computer memory. So it’s better to be more careful in this regard. Apart from that, everything will be easier for you if you read the process consciously. Yet if you find any problem resetting the ABS light, you can always seek expert help. 

Thank us later for saving you with this lifesaving procedure. All the best.

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