Best Gear Ratio for 33 Inch Tires Jeep TJ with Determining Process

Those who are adventure lovers like you always like to go on an outing with oversized vehicles like Jeep TJ and JK. But as you drive your Jeep on uneven terrain and poor road conditions, it is natural to break down the Jeep’s Wrangler, coil springs, and gear. When you will go to replace your Jeep’s gear, you have to know the right gear ratio. Otherwise, your Jeep’s horsepower and torque affect badly, and it mitigates the Jeep’s efficiency.

This article describes the best gear ratio for 33-inch tires jeep TJ, and its measurement system. To know the simple but effective information check out our article.


Best Gear Ratio for 33 Inch Tires Jeep TJ

If your original Jeep’s tire is 33 inches, then 4.56 is the absolutely perfect gear ratio for your Jeep TJ. You can now ask us why a 4.56 gear ratio is ideal for 33 inches Jeep TJ tires. Don’t worry! Here is the explanation.

When you replace your 33 inches tires with a 4.56 gear ratio, it will offer you flawless and efficient driving on off-road tracks. As a result, you have super control of the gear, and it boosts up your vehicle’s mileage. When you use a 4.56 gear ratio for your 33 tires Jeep TJ, your Jeep’s speed will be 70 miles per hour, with the torque ratio will be more than 300 RPMs. Simply the higher the gear ratio is the more tire torque, and the less over gear, the less fuel cost.

What if you put less than a 4.56 gear ratio for the 33 inches tires? The low gear ratio will mitigate the tire’s torque movement, so it takes more time to go a few miles. Nevertheless, the lower gear ratio means you have to give over gear to your Jeep. Over gear means more fuel consumption, more fuel cost, and inefficient driving.


How Does the Gear Work on Your Jeep TJ?

The gear of a vehicle works depending on the rotation numbers of pinion teeth and ring teeth. Naturally, the ring gear is adjusted with your drive set, and the pinion gear is adjusted with the Jeep’s wheel. When you start to drive, you rotate the driveshaft, and according to the driveshaft, the ring gear starts to rotate. Since the ring gear is adjusted with the tire’s pinion gear, that’s why the tire’s pinion gear also starts to rotate. Thus the gear of your Jeep TJ works.


How to Determine the Gear Ratio for Jeep TJ or Large Size Tires?

Determining an actual gear ratio is not very tough and complex math. You just need a physics lesson to identify the exact gear ratio for your Jeep Wrangler. Here we talk about two options to determine the gear ratio.

No.1 Option

When you purchased the Jeep TJ from the producer, they provided you with a user manual. If you notice the user manual, you will find a gear ratio(Axel ratio) for your vehicle.

No.2 Option

In this way, you have to manually identify the gear ratio, and it is as simple as driving your Jeep. You have to do simple math to rectify the number of your gear ratio.

First, count the number of teeth of your Jeep’s pinion gear.

Second, count the number of teeth of your Jeep’s ring gear.

Third, now divide the pinion gear teeth number and ring gear teeth number. Which number you found is the gear ratio of your Jeep?


When you count the number of pinion gear teeth of your 33 inches tire, you will find 41 teeth. And 11 teeth in the ring gear. Now divide them.


That means the actual gear ratio for the 33 inches of tires is 3.73. 


New Tires Gear Ratio Calculation Method

Sometimes it happens, you like to replace your old tire size with the new and larger tires’ size. Because the larger the tire’s size, the more space it can pass in one rotation. So you can go a long distance within using less time. Now we will talk about identifying the gear ratio in this case.

Here, again you have to do simple math.

First, take the new tire’s size and the old tire’s size. Now divide the two tires’ sizes and figure out the result. Multiply the result with the original gear ratio, and this is the new gear ratio of your new tires.


New tires size/ old tires size= result*original gear ratio=New  gear ratio.


Why the Best Gear Ratio and Expect Gear Ratio Defers

The actual gear ratio of 33 inches tires is 3.73, but the best gear ratio is 4.56. If you obtain RPMS in the Jeep, it helps to retrieve the gearing stock. You should also check out the Jeep’s tire’s 70 mph performance when you have higher than 30 inches tires. You can hope you will get near 2000 RMPS with a 4.56 gear ratio. When you usually drive the Jeep on off-roads or muddy roads, you can stock gear using a 4.56 gear ratio. So the experts suggest using a 4.56 gear ratio rather than 3.73 in the 33 inches tire.


Final Thought

It is very simple math to identify the gear ratio. There are various sizes of tires for multiple Jeep models, and obviously, the gear ratio is different according to the vehicle model. It is crucial to know the best gear ratio for 33-inch tires jeep TJ from the lots of tire sizes. After identifying the best gear ratio, you have to install it.

But don’t go to install the new gear without knowing the right gear installation procedures. May occur any damage to your vehicle or yourself. Taking a Jeep Wrangler technician support is the best practice to install the new gear.

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