How Much is Jeep Cherokee Headliner Replacement Cost?

The headliner is a material that is glued to the inside of your Jeep Cherokee. It is glued onto the top of your Jeep Cherokee. As it is made of fabric, it tends to get separated from its backing board after a couple of years. So headliners need to be replaced when it starts to get separated.

Now you might be wondering how much the Jeep Cherokee headliner replacement cost? Headliner replacement from a professional workshop will cost anywhere from 250 dollars to 800 dollars. The cost largely depends on your vehicle’s model, quality, and year. Also, the pricing varies according to brand, design, and material. 

Don’t get stressed out because we got you covered. Now we are going to discuss how much the replacement cost when you change the headliner of your Jeep Cherokee and also other things that you need to take into consideration. 

Jeep Cherokee Headliner Replacement Cost (Updated Price)

So before you make up your mind to replace your existing Cherokee headliner, you have to get a proper idea of the budget. To let you know about that, we are going to explain everything now. 

Usually, the price range stays in between from 250$-800$. As there are different factors that you need to consider before replacing your existing headliner, the price may vary according to those factors. Also, another factor that you need to take into consideration is the model of your jeep Cherokee. 

The headliner’s cost depends on the Cherokee model as well. On the contrary, if you want to get a custom headliner for your jeep Cherokee, the expense will be between 250$-400$. So if your budget is between 800$, you will get a great option to rely on.

For your well understanding, here are a few choices of headliners that you can buy as a replacement for your existing jeep Cherokee headliner. 

Product NameColorDimensions Weight
Black Auto Headliner 3/16″ Foam Backing Fabric MaterialBlack60″ Wide 120″ Long Thickness 3/16″3 pounds 
Headliner Doctor Foam Backed auto Headliner Repair FabricLight grey 108″ long 60″ wide.2 pounds 
Auto Headliner for SUV Caravan 3/16″ Foam Backing Fabric Light grey 108″ Long X 60″ Wide X 3/16″ Foam Backing3 pounds
Headliner Doctor DIY Headliner Repair Fabric Compatible with Jeep CherokeeCharcoal 108″ x 60″ and 1/8 ” thick.2 pounds 

Lt Tan 90″ Long X 60″ Wide Headliner 
Brown90 inch long by 60 inch wide12 ounces

When Should You Replace Your Jeep Cherokee Headliner?

The headliner is multilayered material situated in the ceiling. It is very important as it does an excellent job of keeping the passengers cool during summer and protects against the sun. Besides, this helps to seal the temperature of the jeep during winter. So if the headliner is damaged or worn down, you won’t get the functionality it’s supposed to give you.

The headliner is situated over your head, so it’s prone to get sagging. Sometimes the adhesive that holds the headliner to your roof degrades. This happens mainly because of moisture and aging. So if not maintained properly, the headliners might fall off and abstract your view, and it might lead to an accident as well.

If it’s not maintained properly, your headliner can suffer damage, which will cause tears and stains. Moreover, mold or mildew might form inside your headliner, and they can cause allergic reactions. So once you start to notice that there are tears, stains, sagging or drooping, etc, then you should immediately replace the headliner with a new one. 

Also, if you notice that the headliner possesses a potential threat to your health and there are mold taking root, or if you can notice the signs of severe damage to your headliner, then it’s high time for you to change the headliner.

Things to Consider While Getting a Replacement Headliner

Jeep Cherokee is a beautiful vehicle. A vehicle’s interior is as important as the exterior in terms of how the vehicle looks. If you want to make your vehicle look much more beautiful and functional, then a well-designed interior is a must. Also, it complements the owner’s choice.

Many people do not pay attention to their vehicle’s roofing. But these aren’t just some usual foam and fabric in the headliner. Because of this thing, you don’t feel hot in direct sunlight or in the afternoon. Also, it reduces road noises. So it’s very important that you know what to look for before replacing your headliner. 

But don’t worry because we are going to discuss everything that you need to consider before you get a replacement headliner. Let’s have a look at those! 

  • Material – There are a couple of headliner materials available in the market. They all have pros and cons. If you are living in a sunny area, then Polyester and acrylic is the way to go for you. They come with UV resistance, which enables them to deflect heat from the roof and keep you cool.

There are many other options for your Jeep Cherokee headliner, like a plastic headliner. These are very easy to install, and they are formed by vacuum forming, so there is no need for you to worry about them. One of the pros of a plastic headliner is that you can customize it and paint it according to your preferences.

There is also a fabric option for you, and they come in four major varieties. 

  • Foam Backing – This is a board-type headliner, and you will find them mostly in a newer vehicle. These are made of white foam.
  • Cotton Napped Cloth – These are mainly used in a vehicle that has a Bow Rod, Style headliner. They lack any kind of foam backing.
  • Synthetic Cloth – This kind of Synthetic Cloth is also used in a Bow Road Style headliner, and they also lack foam backing. But they add an aesthetic look to the interior.
  • Perforated Vinyl – This type of material is also used in bow-style headliners but what’s unique about this is, it’s tear-resistant and very easy to clean.
  • Compatibility – Every vehicle is unique in its own way. They all come with a different interior, different trims, and features. So it’s very important that you choose the headliner according to your Jeep Cherokee model. If you purchase a different model, then you will get an ill-fitted headliner that looks bad. Also, with the correct headliner, you won’t have to spend extra time installing it.
  • Color – Headliner comes in various colors, but it’s best to choose the color that matches your vehicle’s color. Also, you can choose the gray color as it’s natural, and stains don’t show up that easily. In any case, you can pick any shading you want.
  • Special Features – Many vehicles headliners come with special features like noise cancellation. In this case, it’s ideal that you stick to that feature as it will ensure that you get the same level of comfort and functionality, just like your old headliner.

What is a Jeep Cherokee Headliner Board?

You know what headliner is, but do you know what headliner board is? A headliner board is a composite material that is adhered to the inside of every vehicle. It is basically made of nonwoven or foam backing.

Moreover, they come with multiple composite layers that bring many functionalities, which include sound reduction, heat resistance, look, and feel. So yes, they are very important for your driving experience and for the vehicle.

Can I Use Regular Fabric As My Jeep Cherokee Headliner?

If you want a special and unique look for your Jeep Cherokee, then you can use regular fabric. When you are in the market for changing your headliner fabric, and you want to use regular fabric, just make sure that you are not choosing normal cotton cloth as it won’t look good on your vehicle. Also, it won’t be as effective as the specific one.

So choose a fabric that is a special luxury fabric to vinyl. Or you can use light leather, these are a great option for your Jeep as they will look beautiful inside your Jeep Cherokee. After deciding the fabric you want to choose, all you have to do is attach the fabric to a ⅛ inch foam rubber sheeting with the help of spray adhesive.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Headliner Installation Guide:

If your Jeep Cherokee has a torn-up and worn headliner, then an excellent way to restore your Jeep is to replace your headliner. You can either contact your local mechanic for the installation, or you can replace it on your own. The replacement procedure isn’t that hard.

To replace the headliner, you need a couple of tools.

  • Headliner fabric or Replacement Headliner Kit
  • Super adhesive or spray glue
  • Paper clip
  • Scissors
  • Sandpaper or bristle brush

After getting this stuff, you can now start the Jeep Grand Cherokee Headliner installation.

  • Step 1 – First, carefully remove every bolt and perimeter trim that holds the headliner. Also, you might find coat hooks, hanger hooks, and dome lights, remove them too. Some Jeep Cherokee models come with clips that hold the headliner onto the board. Simply unclip them, they should easily come off.
  • Step 2 – After removing every clip that holds the headliner, the headliner should easily come off. Now carefully remove the headliner and remove the old adhesive or foam with sandpaper or bristle brush. Try to make the board as smooth as possible, and make sure that you don’t damage the headliner. The smoother the board is, the better the end result will be
  • Step 3 – After smoothing the board, take your replacement headliner and lay it down over the headliner board, and make sure that it’s in the right direction.
  • Step 4 – Now fold the fabric and make sure that the shell can be seen. Now apply adhesive and spray glue the underside of the fabric.
  • Step 5 – Use the adhesive or glue on half of the headliner and then process to the other half. As you move forward, make sure that they are secure.
  • Step 6 – After applying the adhesive or glue, let them dry completely. You don’t want to drive like this as they will make a mess.
  • Step 7 – now, once they are completely dry, cut out holes for your light, seat belts, and for your hanger hooks.
  • Step 8 – if you notice any excess fabric, you can trim them. However, leave at least half an inch of fabric. You can hide them in the molding.
  • Step 9 – Now, reinstall the board into your vehicle, and you are all done.

If you follow every step, you should get an excellent result, and it will look as good as the new headliner.

Closing Words

We have reached the end of our discussion on the Jeep Cherokee headliner replacement cost. After providing you with all the necessary information, we hope that we could help you with what you need. Now it’s your choice to get a headliner within the perfect cost.

You can choose the headliner from the choices that we have mentioned. Otherwise, you can go for your own style. Also, you can get custom headliners for your jeep Cherokee too.

So, remember all the necessary information and buy your favorite headliner as necessary. Good luck!

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