Learn How To Turn Off Ford MyKey Without An Admin Key?

Ford MyKey is a great security feature that allows administrators to limit speed, audio volume, and more on specific vehicles.

However, there may be times when you need to turn it off without an admin key. Then, how to turn off Ford MyKey without an Admin Key?

There are three ways to turn off Ford MyKey without an Admin Key. They are:

  • The first way is to use a different key
  • Another way is to disconnect the battery
  • The last way is to use a programmer to reprogram the car’s computer

In this blog post, I will show you how to do just that in detail with all other additional information.

What Is Ford MyKey?

Ford MyKey is a system that allows drivers to set specific parameters for teenage drivers or new drivers. This includes setting speed and volume limits on the car’s stereo system.

It can also prevent the driver from deactivating certain safety features, such as seat belts and airbags. MyKey is designed to help keep new and inexperienced drivers safe.

Parents can use Ford MyKey to set speed limits for their teenage children. The system will notify the driver when they exceed the speed limit. This can help prevent accidents caused by speeding.

How Does Ford MyKey Work?

It’s no secret that many new Ford vehicles come with the MyKey system as a standard feature. But what exactly is this system, and how does it work?

MyKey is a second key fob that can be programmed with different settings and restrictions for whoever uses it. 

For instance, you can program the MyKey to limit the vehicle’s top speed, disable certain features like the stereo or navigation system, and even prevent certain safety features from being disabled.

There are a few different ways that you can program the MyKey, but the most common method is through the Ford SYNC system. This is the same infotainment system you use to control things like the stereo and navigation, so it’s a pretty simple process.

Once you have the MyKey programmed, you can then give it to whomever you want to use it. They can then use the key to drive the car, but your chosen settings restrict them.

So, if you’re looking for a way to keep your teen driver safe or just want to limit the capabilities of your car when you’re not around, the Ford MyKey system is a great option.

Which Ford Key Is The Admin Key?

The admin key is the key that allows you to access all the functions of the Ford vehicle. This key is also known as the master key. This key will give you access to the engine, the doors, the trunk, and the ignition.

It is also used to open the glove box. Also, the admin key can be used to program the vehicle’s computer. This key can also be used to reset the oil life indicator.

The admin key is usually black and has a red stripe on it. It is located on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

How To Turn Off Ford MyKey Without An Admin Key?

You can’t turn off Ford MyKey if you don’t have the admin key. However, there are a few ways to get around this.

Method-1: One way is to use a different key. If you have another key that can be used to start the car, then you can use that key to turn off MyKey.

Method-2: Another way is to disconnect the battery. This will disable MyKey and other car features, so it’s not recommended.

Method-3: A third way is to use a programmer to reprogram the car’s computer. This will disable MyKey, but it will also void the warranty.

Here’s how to turn it off:

  1. Insert the key into the ignition.
  2. Turn the key to the “On” position, but do not start the engine.
  3. Press the “Setup” button on the steering wheel until the message “MyKey Disabled” appears on display.
  4. Remove the key and take it with you. Your MyKey is now disabled.

If you do not have an admin key, you will need to take your vehicle to a Ford dealership and have them disable the MyKey feature for you.

How Can I Reset The MyKey Using The Remote?

Using the MYKEY function, you can limit some vehicle features and set speed and audio volume limits. To program these features, you will need two working remote control keys.

If you only have one working key, you must visit a Ford dealership to have a new key programmed. To reset the MYKEY, follow these steps:

1) With both working keys, get in the vehicle and close all doors.

2) Put the first key in the ignition and turn it ON/RUN, then back to OFF/LOCK.

3) Remove the key from the ignition.

4) Within five seconds, insert the second key and turn it ON/RUN.

5) The message “MyKey Disabled” will appear on the message center.

6) Remove the key and press any button on the first key to re-enable the MyKey.

How Can I Disable MyKey On A Ford?

First, find the MyKey activation key to disable the MyKey system on a Ford.

  • With the engine off, insert and turn the key to the “On” position.
  • Press and hold the reset button for three seconds.
  • A message will appear confirming that the MyKey system has been disabled.
  • To re-enable the system, follow the same steps and press the reset button for three seconds.
  • A message will appear confirming that the MyKey system is now enabled.

Can I Override The Ford MyKey?

Yes, you can override the Ford MyKey system by following these steps:

  1. Locate the MyKey fob.
  2. Press and hold the unlock button for five seconds.
  3. Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the position.
  4. Again, Press and hold the lock button for five seconds.
  5. Finally, remove the key from the ignition and press the unlock button.

Can I Reset MyKey By Disconnecting The Battery?

Yes, disconnecting the battery will reset the MyKey system. To completely reset the system, you must follow the instructions in your vehicle’s owner manual.

You can usually find the instructions online if you do not have the owner’s manual. -Once the system is reset, you must reprogram any MyKey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Ford’s key code?

The factory-set five-digit code may be used to access the keypad. An authorized dealer may provide you with the code on your wallet card in the glove box. Additionally, you may set up a maximum of five five-digit personal codes.

Can a Ford dealership clear MyKey?

You’ll need to have a new Admin key made for your car if you want to delete the current MyKey settings. MyKey-restricted keys will not allow you to reset the settings.

What is the admin key for MyKey?

Restrictive driving modes may be programmed into your car’s MyKey to encourage safe driving practices. All keys except one may be restricted by software. Administrator or admin keys are any keys that you did not use in a program.

What is Ford’s passive key?

The door unlocks and locks automatically when the user gets close enough to the vehicle. Passive keyless entry (PKE), on the other hand, is an automobile security system that activates automatically when the user is in proximity to the vehicle.

How do I get to MyKey settings?

The MyKey may also be programmed to accept user-defined parameters. Follow these instructions, which may be found on the information display: 

Use an admin key or fob to start the engine. MyKey may be activated by hitting OK or the > button on the information display controls’ main menu.

What is MyKey volume limited?

The maximum loudness of the audio system is 45 percent. A notification will appear in the display if the MyKey driver exceeds the volume limit. There will be no automated volume control based on speed or speed compensation.

How do you reset the key on a 2012 Ford f150?

MyKey is an included feature in your truck, enabling you to limit some driving operations to improve vehicle security and safety.

  • To erase all data associated with MyKey.
  • Until you get the “Press Reset to Clear MyKey,” press the Setup button.
  • Click on the Reset button to start again.
  • Start by pressing and holding the Reset button.

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