Bestop vs. Softopper: Which One Is Better?

Softopper and Bestop are the two most trusted names in soft tops. They both offer great products and have a long history of making soft tops that last. They also both make reliable replacement parts like window seals, door latches, and fabric panels. So Bestop vs. Softopper: Which one is better?

Both Softop and Bestop are great products. It depends on your soft top needs. Bestop is stylish and flexible. If you want something easier to install and doesn’t cost as much money upfront, go for the Softopper.

In this piece, we’ll contrast two well-known brands, Softopper and Bestop, to help you make an educated buying decision. This side-by-side comparison chart can help you narrow your choices if you’re shopping for a truck topper.

Bestop Truck Topper: What Is It?

Bestop is the main manufacturer of soft tops and fabric accessories for Jeep vehicles. Since 1986, all Jeep Wranglers have had factory-installed soft tops from Bestop. 

In addition, Bestop provides the best replacement soft tops for Jeep along with a variety of related fabric accessories. John Larson currently serves as Bestop’s CEO.

The Softopper Truck Topper: What Is It?

Soft-top truck toppers are the focus of the more recent business, Softopper. Bestop’s most cutting-edge soft top for the Jeep Wrangler is the Supertop Ultra. 

Every cubic inch counts when it comes to a convertible’s cargo area. Hardtops often occupy more room than softtop when folded into the trunk.

Bestop vs. Softopper: Which One To Choose?

Up until 2019, Bestop and Softopper were the only two independently owned and run businesses.

However, Bestop purchased Softopper LLC at the beginning of June 2019. This move turned Bestop into a one-stop shop for various Jeep and truck-related products.

Which one do you prefer? In more detail, let’s examine the main distinctions between Bestop and Softopper truck aprons.


  • Excellent weather protection that is watertight.
  • Windows made with molded teeth zippers that are easily be rolled up or removed
  • Zippers are molded teeth.
  • Construction of industrial-strength threads
  • Superior sailcloth material that is UV resistant
  • Fitment type of vehicle
  • Simple to install (without drill)
  • Simple bow removal with quick-release
  • Depending on the product, 1 to 5 Years limited warranty

A private investment company called Kinderhook Industries, LLC oversees over $3 billion in committed funds. In 2015, Kinderhook Industries made a Bestop investment.


  • Outstanding Waterproof Canopy
  • Possesses a removable acrylic window
  • Constructed with heavy-duty YKK zippers
  • Rust-resistant zinc-coated, anodized metal frame
  • Superior sailcloth material that is UV resistant
  • Fitment type of vehicle
  • Easy install ( 40 Minutes- average installation time)
  • Simple to remove (within a minute)
  • Guarantees vary based on product.


Both producers create top-notch goods that are made to withstand the environment and provide long-lasting durability.

Bestop truck toppers utilize durable vinyl. UV-resistant and made to survive years of exposure to the sun and other abrasive weather. The vinyl is incredibly strong and resistant to fading and tearing.

Additionally, the fabric of Bestop’s unique tonneau cover has been coated with a water-repellent coating to help keep your cargo dry even in the heaviest downpours.

Softopper’s heavy-duty vinyl is UV-resistant. The Softopper, however, is not coated with a water-repellent material like Bestop’s product is.

This implies that during extremely heavy downpours, your cargo may become soaked. Additionally, the vinyl is less resilient than Bestop’s, making it more prone to rips or losing its color over time.

The Softopper does offer some benefits over the Bestop, though.


Protection is one of the main areas of distinction.

Heavy-duty materials that are better suited to withstand impact and abrasion are used to make Bestop truck toppers. For added strength, they also have reinforced corners and edges.

On the other hand, Softopper truck tops are constructed from a thinner, more flexible material that promotes more airflow.

As a result, Softopper tops offer a strong defense against weather and UV damage, but they might not last heavy use as well.

The ideal choice for you will ultimately depend on your unique needs and financial situation. However, Bestop is the best option if you want to provide your truck bed with the most security possible.


Price is yet another important area of distinction.

Bestop toppers typically cost more than Softopper toppers, but they also typically have more features and a longer lifespan.

Covering the Entire Bed

While other softoppers might not have full bed coverage, Bestop toppers always have it.


Bestop offers a warranty that is only good for as long as the original retail buyer owns the car, whilst Softopper only provides a one-year warranty. In addition, Bestop offers replacement windows separately.


While Softopper focuses exclusively on soft-top toppers, Bestop offers a wider selection of styles.

The UV-resistant material and sturdy frame of the Bestop allow it to withstand even the worst weather.

The Softopper, on the other hand, is a soft top that offers excellent ventilation and simple access to your goods.

For those who like to travel lightly, it is also quick and simple to remove.

Client Services

Bestop has been in operation for more than 50 years and has a great reputation for providing good customer service.

Although Softopper is a younger business, they already have a solid reputation for offering top-notch customer service.


Bestop offers free shipping for purchases of $75 or more, whereas Softopper imposes a fixed shipping fee of $9.95.

Return Procedure

Both Bestop and Softopper have 30-day return policies. Bestop has a 30-day return policy.


The fact that Bestop toppers are produced in the USA as opposed to Softopper toppers in China is yet another significant distinction.


Bestop vehicle toppers are made out of extra-durable sailcloth instead of heavier fiberglass. The designers used 23-ounce UV, stain, and dew-resistant diamond point fabric. This material makes the convertible top waterproof and durable.Despite being constructed of cloth, these toppers can hold their own against industrially created steel doors. A marine-grade double-stitched thread shields the interior compartment from heat and moisture. They are incredibly resistant to heat, fog, dew, rain, UV light, dust, and other environmental elements


How Are Truck Toppers Made by Bestop and Softopper Installed?

  • The process of installing a truck topper, whether it be a Bestop or Softopper, is not too difficult.
  • It takes the majority of truckers between 40 and 60 minutes to install them with only a wrench and socket.
  • The majority of these toppers include installation instructions as well as all the materials you need.
  • To install the topper, you will typically need to drill a few holes in the truck bed.
  • The topper must be bolted to the truck after the holes have been bored and the brackets that came with it have been inserted.
  • You may always have the topper installed by a professional if you’re not confident drilling holes in your truck.

Are Bestop and Softopper Interchangeable Terms?

Bestop will be a one-stop-shop for all things Jeep and truck-related after acquiring Softopper. 

Thanks to Softopper, which can join the Bestop family, more than 95% of vehicles on the road might be outfitted with high-quality accessories.

The Better of the Two?

This question does not have an easy solution depending on your requirements and preferences.

If you want a high-quality truck topper, Bestop or Softopper are also good choices.

You could prefer one brand over the other if you’re seeking a certain kind of truck topper (such as a hardtop or sunroof).

In the end, the choice is yours. It truly comes down to preference because truck toppers made by Bestop and Softopper are both excellent.

Questions Those May Be Helpful

Does Bestop own Softopper?

Yes, Besttop owns Softtopper. Bestop has announced the news of the acquisition of Colorado-based company Softopper LLC.

Where are Softoppers manufactured?

Softoppers are made and developed in North America. The cloth is produced in the United States, and as many materials as possible are sourced domestically.

Where is Bestop manufactured?

Since 1986, Bestop has been the exclusive provider of factory soft tops for Jeep Wranglers, as well as the world’s premier maker of quality soft tops for Jeep Wranglers and CJs. Bestop is situated in Louisville, Colorado, close to its origin.

Are Bestop and Softopper the same?

Bestop will be a one-stop-shop after acquiring Softopper. Softopper, a current member of the Bestop family, can equip 95% of cars with high-quality products.

Are soft toppers secure?

It does not provide the same level of security as a lockable fiberglass topping.

Sum Up

  • Despite having different names, Softopper and Bestop Topper are both made by the same company, Bestop. Both Bestop and Softopper provide several advantages that might simplify your life when traveling. How do you decide then?
  • To choose the best topper, you must understand their differences. Whichever you choose will make traveling easier.

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