Blue DEF Platinum vs. Regular: Which One To Choose?

BlueDEF Platinum is a new type of diesel exhaust fluid that can be used in place of regular. It has many benefits over the standard BlueDEF, including a higher urea concentration. 

The higher concentration means you’ll need less DEF to meet your truck’s needs, making it a better value for long-haul trips. A common question is blue def platinum vs. regular: Which one to choose? 

The answer is Blue DEF platinum. It is a higher quality of DEF. This means that it is more concentrated and effective, which results in

  • Less waste
  • Less environmental impact
  • Less cost for you.

Everyone must understand the difference between Blue DEF Platinum and regular Blue DEF and can decide which one is better.

Blue DEF Platinum vs. Regular: The Differences

Although many people think there isn’t much difference between the two diesel fluids, the main difference is in how the fuel works. So here are the main differences between these fuels that we have noticed.

The Blue DEF Platinum

The regular Blue DEF

Reduces future deposits in the fuel exhaust systemDoes not reduce future deposits in the fuel exhaust system
Does not reduce engine powerCan reduce engine power
Saves money over timeIt has no such property
Expensive to buy per gallonCheaper in cost per gallon
Does not crystalizeCrystalizes quickly
Less waste producedMore waste
Less fuel used per mileMore fuel used per mile
Less noticeable smell of the final exhaustMore typical smell of exhaust


Detailed Comparison On Blue DEF Platinum & Regular

Blue DEF Platinum

Blue DEF Platinum is a premium diesel exhaust fluid that meets the highest quality standards for purity and stability. It is designed for use in vehicles with advanced emission control systems that require the highest level of performance.

Regular Blue DEF 

Regular diesel exhaust fluid is a less expensive alternative that meets the minimum quality standards for purity and stability. It is suitable for use in vehicles with less advanced emission control systems.

So, what are the key differences between Blue DEF Platinum vs. Regular diesel exhaust fluid? Here they are

Purity: Blue DEF Platinum is 99.9% pure, while regular diesel exhaust fluid is 99.5% pure.

Stability: Blue DEF Platinum is designed to be more stable in storage and use, with a shelf life of up to 24 months. Regular diesel exhaust fluid has a shelf life of 12 months.

Performance: Blue DEF Platinum is designed for use in vehicles with advanced emission control systems requiring the highest performance level. Regular diesel exhaust fluid suits vehicles with less advanced emission control systems.

Cost: Blue DEF Platinum is more expensive than regular diesel exhaust fluid.

What Are the Similarities Between Blue Def Platinum vs. Regular?

The Blue DEF Platinum and the regular Blue DEF have the same essential ingredients: deionized water and very pure urea that makeup almost all of the fuel. 

However, the platinum version has additional ingredients that make it harder for fuel to crystalize and eliminate crystalized DEF.

Both the products from the same brands are API certified and compatible with all diesel SCR systems. 

The Peak Blue DEF is injected into the exhaust stream and passed over a catalyst that converts NOx into harmless nitrogen gas and water vapor, two products already in the air we breathe.

Why Is Blue Def Platinum Better?

The difference between the two fuels is already mentioned and discusses the advantages of blue DEF Platinum. In simple terms, the newer version reduces harmful deposits in the selective catalytic reduction system and provides optimum fuel economy. 

However, here is more explanation on why people choose the platinum version, which is newer than the old and cheaper DEF.

Less Costly Overtime

We know that the DEF fuel passes through the engine, and it can crystalize over time, especially in cold weather. When this happens, the SCR system needs to be replaced as your car is not working the way that it should. 

Replacing this part of the car can be expensive. This means that by using platinum fuel, the person will save money over time.

Better for the Diesel Engine

The diesel vehicle you are using will work for a longer time because of the lack of built-up fuel. This will give you more mileage for less fuel, thus again saving money in the long run as it reduces fuel consumption and increases engine power. 

The engine will also run more smoothly, and you will notice the difference once you use it. Moreover, the build-up of old fuel in the engine can also be taken away from this new fuel, making it even better.

From a Trusted Source

Another advantage is that the Peak brand provides good quality fuel. It is America’s number one brand of Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Therefore, you will be more relaxed while using the fuel because you know there is no way the fuel is wrong for the car. 

When an unknown fuel is ejected into the car, there is always the fear of what it might do to the car in the long run. Bad fuel can even ruin the DEF injector, among other things.

Better for the Environment

Since the fuel is not crystallized and does not stay in the engine, it does not produce as much waste. If the fuel waste is less, the environmental impact of the fuel is more minor. 

The diesel fuel is immediately converted into nitrogen gas and water vapor instead of staying in the fuel for a long time. Since the SCR system does not need to be replaced, it also reduces environmental waste due to old car pieces.

Easy To Handle

The new platinum DEF is odorless, which means there is no intense smell that will be distracting while handling the fuel.

Moreover, it will not stink up the place wherever you keep the fuel. Of course, the fuel is also non-toxic and non-flammable, which makes handling it even easier. It is easy to keep as children can also not misuse the fuel.

More Questions To Know More

Is Blue Def Platinum and Regular the Same?

Nope, they are not the same at all. Many think the difference is only in price and packaging because they have not used the fuel long enough. There is a massive difference between the two fuels, although they behave similarly and have the same properties. The differences were all mentioned in the article.

Why Should You Use Def Fuel?

It reduces NOx production, which is very bad for the environment. This is why now many trucks use DEF fuel to be more environmentally conscious. Moreover, it helps vehicles to work under the federal emission guidelines; working outside these guidelines can end up in fines.

What Is the Shelf Life of Blue Def?

The shelf life of this fuel depends entirely on the temperature it is stored. If the fuel freezes, it will work the same after thawing, but the shelf life will decrease. The optimal temperature at which it lasts the longest is between 12º and 86º F which will keep it working for two years.

What Color Is Bluedef Platinum?

Since it follows the highest level of API guidelines to keep the SCR system working for the longest time, the fuel is odorless and colorless. This makes handling the fuel easier as there is no smell and the color is like water.

Final Words

Now you know the difference between the platinum DEF and the regular one, so the choice is yours to make.

The regular DEF is cheaper, so more people are inclined to buy it, but the premium will save money in the long run.

Moreover, the newer version is better for the environment and provides optimal engine use. The best fuel is that it is suitable for the car.

Hopefully, you can decide on the fuel you should use as we have provided all the facts. 

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