Jeep Wrangler Carpet Alternatives- Get Your Ideal Match

Carpets are an essential element when you are investing some money in the decoration of your Jeep Wrangler. Besides giving an attractive interior, they also balance the temperature level inside the Jeep. 

Again, they prevent all kinds of noises coming from the undercarriage as a layer of insulation. But, they collect dust and trap water when you go through rough terrains. This would be very disturbing for you and even can damage your Jeep’s surface. 

This is why we have come up with the top 10 Jeep Wrangler carpet alternatives. Mostly we think that vinyl flooring would be perfect as a carpet alternative for your Jeep Wrangler. Also, waterproof rubber flooring can allow you to use your ride in all kinds of weather conditions.

In this article, I am going to talk about all the carpet alternatives you can choose from and how you should choose them. 


Top 10 Jeep Wrangler Carpet Alternatives That You Can Consider

The following products are some of the alternatives you can use for your Jeep wrangler:

  1. Raptor Liner
  2. Line-X 
  3. Herculiner 
  4. Monstaliner
  5. Rhino Linings
  6. Speedliner
  7. Al’s Liner
  8. Grizzly Grip
  9. BedRug 
  10. WeatherTech

Raptor Liner

Jeep Wrangler CarpetRaptor Liner is a thin layer of urethane.  It reduces both sound and vibration whenever you are driving, offering you a smooth riding experience. 

The best thing about this flooring is that it’s waterproof. Besides, it can also help to prevent the ultraviolet rays from the sun on your Jeep.

If you live in a harsh area where the weather remains unstable most of the time, Raptor Liner will be the best choice for your Jeep. 

Because it has an incredible ability of fighting against strong climatic factors and keeping the surface free from scrapes, scratches, and rust. 

You can choose from a variety of colors and volumes based on your needs. Besides, you have a great chance to select between spray-in and roll-in floor liners. 


  • 100% lasting over the lifetime of the Jeep. 
  • Offers a free applicator gun that is easy to use. 
  • It’s a cost-saving liner and quick to use. 


  • Require an air compressor. 



Line-X is an eco-friendly spray-in bed liner which is unique for its hard surface. Its rough texture protects the Jeep from the abuse of harsh atmosphere. 

Due to its thickness,  it can blend smoothly with the floor and save some space of the Jeep. Again, it also works against the road noises and overheats very well. 

Besides, Line-X offers an amazing service by their professionals and the services are completely guaranteed. So, if you want an expert time-saving service Line-X spray-in bed liner will be the best option for you. 


  • Preventive against all kinds of wear & tear. 
  • Easy application & life-time service. 
  • Protect from side-effects of chemicals like gasoline, diesel, etc.


  • Pretty expensive. 



Herculiner is a decent option for those people who want to protect their Jeep surface within an affordable cost. Herculiner works as an alternative to both plastic drop-in and messy spray.

It creates a protective shield over the surface that makes the Jeep ready for heavy-duty use. Besides, you can keep your Jeep free from the effects of moistures and road noises.

The lining of the Herculiner gives no chance to slide things when you are driving over bumpy roads. 

Herculiner has a collection of black, grey, red, and white colours. You can choose any of them to make your Jeep attractive. 

Also, you can use either a brush/ roller or a spray compressor to apply this coating. 


  • Less costly & no risk of overspray. 
  • Can be done with medium experience. 
  • A complete package of Herculiner kits. 


  • Time- killing process. 



Monstaliner, produced by Magnet Paints, is an exceptional roll-on bed liner. It gives the Jeeps an attractive look with its rich collection of 39 colours. 

Besides, you don’t even have to think of the durability as it is 100% UV resistant. If you buy a 1 or 2-gallon Monstaliner, you will get all the kits required for roller installations. Using those things, you can perform the whole process by yourself. Believe me, you can’t even differentiate whether you have done it or any professional DIYers. 

Furthermore, the surface of Monstaliner doesn’t peel like other DIY products because it contains no crumb tire rubber. 


  • Stable & amazing UV protecting. 
  • Spray-in looks at an attractive price. 
  • Guard against moisture & corrosion. 


  • Require aircraft remover to dispel this texture. 


Rhino Linings

Rhino Linings have a line of several coating options. Each of them serves different roles. Such as: 

  • TuffGrip prevents the sliding of shipments. 
  • HardLine protects the surface from harsh climatic effects. 
  • Hybrid and eXtreme resist abrasion and climatic effects. 
  • SolarMax guards against the Ultra Violet rays. 
  • ColorMatch ensures long-lasting colour. 
  • Shine Ultra restores the fading spray-in liner or coat. 

However, all of them have a common feature and that is thickness. As a result, you will get a soft & rubbery feel on the surface of Rhino Linings. 

But this softness may affect the longevity of the surface. Within the harsh climatic conditions, they can’t stick in place. 

If you use ferry heavy materials very often, Rhino Linings will be the best option for you as they grab objects in place. 


  • Lifetime warranty. 
  • Soft to knees & the cargoes. 
  • Protect from road noises. 


  • Less tear-resistant. 



Industrial Polymers’ Speedliner is the toughest spray-in bed liner whose tensile strength is 4700 psi.  

With this great psi rating, Speedliner can protect the Jeep from all kinds of climatic or other damages. Many professionals have rated it twice as strong as any other liner. 

Another unique feature of Speedliner includes its non-fading quality. It doesn’t get pale under the sunshine due to its unbelievable UV protection. 

You can protect your Jeep from all types of external effects by using this spray-in coating. Again, you will enjoy quieter rides and a non-slip surface. 

Speedliner brand offers a variety of colours with 22 factory colours. Besides, you can use this coating not only on your Jeep’s ground but also on many other particles. 


  •  4700 psi tensile strength. 
  • Sole Not to fade liner. 
  • Affordable cost. 


  • Harsh to knees & hands. 


Al’s Liner

Al’s Liner is a special kind of DIY truck bed liner that ensures a customized & professional coating at a reasonable price. It is suitable for all kinds of surfaces due to its versatility. 

Engineers designed this product in a way that can withstand high levels of external abuse. It sticks to the substrate in such a way that no moisture can get in. 

A complete Al’s Liner Kit includes: 

  • polyurethane high solid coating
  •  primer, tinting and a mixing paddle

you will need these to perform the task by yourself at home. As these kits are safe to use, you don’t have to arrange any extra safety measures. 

Besides, you can modify the colour according to your requirements. Thus, Al’s Liner has reached the top of DIY products. 


  • Cost-saving & easily usable. 
  • Offers customization & batch mix. 
  • Multiple applications. 


  • Dries out so fast. 


Grizzly Grip 

Grizzly Grip is a multi-purpose DIY coating which is suitable for a variety of surfaces. It contains aliphatic polyurethane which protects the surface from UV rays from the sunlight.

Again, its tough texture fights with the effects of harsh environments and prevents moisture to get in. Consequently, the ground of the Jeep looks newish over the years. 

You can apply a clear water-based sealer over the surface of the Grizzly Grip to give its plastic surface a long-lasting and amazing finish. 

There are different colours & volumes of Grizzly Grip available in the market. You can collect any of them based on your needs. 


  • Easy application (both sprayed and rolled on) 
  •  Less costly & wear-resistant. 
  • Withstand the everyday use. 


  • Requires water-resistant sealer to prevent rust. 



Bedrug is an amazing bed liner which gives the users both the look & comfort of a carpet. It sticks to the Jeep’s surface like a glove covering the hand. 

Your knees & cargos will stay safer on its ¾ inch cushioned surface. However, it can protect the Jeep from all kinds of external damages. 

Again, Bedrug is totally waterproof because it’s made of foam that doesn’t absorb water. Besides, its faded surface resists UV rays, chemicals & stains. 

As a result, you can use it for all kinds of external activities without any hesitation. Moreover, its anti-skid surface keeps the objects in the right place. 


  • UV resistant & waterproof. 
  • Gentle to knees & cargo. 
  • Easy to clean & 100% durable. 


  • Requires proper cleaning. 



Weathertech is one kind of advanced floor mats which is capable of giving absolute interior protection.

Engineers use DigitalFit technology in the course of measuring the dimensions of all the vehicles available in the market. And you get customized products from Weathertech. 

This High-Density Tri-Extruded floor liner is completely waterproof. As a result, not a drop of water can touch the ground of Jeep and stay rust-free forever.  

Again, it works very well under extreme temperatures. Weathertech offers 400 different shades to give it a more attractive look and anti-skid power. 

There are two types of bed liners in Weathertech. Such as: 

  1. Floorliners
  2. Floorliner HP 

Both of them have some unique features. You can select any based on your requirements. 


  • Offers different shades and rigid core strength. 
  • Affordable price & customized size. 
  • Easy to remove fluids. 


  • Needs frequent maintenance. 



What I Should Consider When Selecting a Bed Liner

You might have known by now that ground is the most used part of a Jeep. It bears all the bangs, scratches, climatic effects, weights of cargoes and so on. 

These things affect the longevity of the floors. This is why you have to protect it from all kinds of damages. 

You can use bed liners or mats to manage the protection of your Jeep’s ground. As there are lots of bed liners or mats available to purchase, you can get confused while choosing the best one.

 To remove your concerns, we have come up with a number of factors that you should consider at the time of purchasing a bed liner or mat. 

Use of Your Jeep: 

It’s the first thing that you have to consider before choosing a bed liner. 

If you use your Jeep for heavy work or very often, you can choose a wooden, rubber, drop-in or carpeted bed liner.  These liners greatly protect from scratches & dents. 

Your Purpose: 

Your purpose is an influencing factor when buying a bed liner. If you want to protect your Jeep from moisture & collision, you should choose a spray-in bed for your lovely Jeep.

Basically, it creates a protective coating on the surface that seals out all the moistures. 

Condition of the Jeep: 

The condition of the bed is also an important factor that you need to take into account. For a new bed, you can select any type of liner to protect it from extreme effects. 

But if your Jeep ground is already damaged, you will have to fix those damages at first. Then install a liner that can give your Jeep’s surface long-term protection. 

The Materials of Bed Liners: 

The materials of a bed liner determine the features of a bed liner. You have to know the materials which the bed liner is made up with. 

This will help you in selecting a bed liner that will serve your purpose at best. 

Installation Process: 

Some liners are much easier to install. Again, some are not so simple to operate. So, you must keep that in mind while purchasing a bed liner or floor mat. Rubber mats can easily be installed and removed. 

On the other hand, spray-in bed liners are permanent & require extra materials like rollers, brushes, spray gun and air compressor. 

The Texture of the Liner: 

Texture of a liner is a great concern of Jeep owners. As all the bed liners don’t give the same texture, you must make a prudent decision while choosing bed liners. 

The texture which is easy to clean and facilities the task of loading and unloading the cargo is considered the best option for the frequent users. Again, you can select rubbery liners to keep the heavy objects in place. 

Cost of the Bed Liner: 

There is a variety in prices of bed liners depending on the materials, sizes & sellers. 

So, you should know the average market price of your desired bed liner and fix your budget accordingly.

If you want a durable bed liner, then you will have to invest a vast amount. But if you have a limited budget, you can purchase a medium quality bed liner that will give you at least 5-6 years lifespan. 

Our Top Pick

You have already gone through our top 10 carpet alternatives for Jeep Wranglers. Now, you can select any of them based on your requirements, budget & comfort. To help you in that case, we have picked Bedrug which can serve the requirements of maximum users. 

As you know Bedrug is an all-in-one package in itself. Its foamy surface keeps the ground of Jeep free from rust by preventing moisture.

At the same time, it protects from the harmful effects of UV rays of the sun and harsh climatic conditions. The ¾ inch cushioned body of Bedrug gives the softness of a carpet and behaves gently to the knees & cargo. 

This is how it can give you an excellent service than any other bed liners available in the market.

Even the cleaning process of Bedrug is pretty simple that you can’t imagine. Whenever the mat gets wet, you only have to remove the water with a weeder and wait for 20 minutes to dry out. So, installing a Bedrug in your Jeep Wrangler will surely be a decent choice for you.

Now, it is your turn to use your judgments to find out the most suitable option for your lovely Jeep. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I install a truck bed liner? 

Answer: There are two types of bed liners that you can use. Such as: 

  1. Wet Bed Liners: To apply wet bed liners you will need a paintbrush, roller or a spray along with an air compressor. Some bed liners offer free kits. Again, some liners require extra investments for these kits. So, you should check this thing before purchasing a wet bed liner. 
  2. Rubber/ Plastic/ Carpeted Bed Liners: In that case, you just have to clean your Jeep’s ground and then install the bed liners manually. 


Final Thoughts

Now you have all the useful information about the Jeep Wranglers carpet alternatives. You can now easily decide which alternative goes best with your requirements. 

However, your duties don’t finish with the installation of a perfect bed liner.  Rather, you have to take proper care of it to enjoy a long-term service. 

If you still have any confusion, read our buying guide to get more ideas on what to choose. 

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