What Wheels Interchange with Jeep? Know the Facts

Many series of Jeep vehicles can be upgraded. And in case of the upgrade and modification, if you want to interchange between different jeep wheels, it’s not unusual. In fact, it should be a fun experimental task to do. 

But every jeep wheels have specific sizes, so if anyone wants to know, What wheels interchange with jeep, then firstly, not all the Wrangler series’ wheels have the same size, so they aren’t always interchangeable. But jeep wheels match the sizes with each other. The same criteria go for other jeep models as well. The bolt pattern & the size of the lug should be carefully noted to change the wheels.

You have to compare the wheel size to know accurately. The compatibility of the wheel with other series of the jeep is the focusing part. Today, we will share the models of jeeps in which you can interchange the wheels.

What Wheels Interchange with Jeep?

The sizes & patterns are the main points before changing the wheels. You have to keep these in mind & if the measurements match after that, you can change the wheels internally. The stock wheels also play an important part at this time.

The series of Jeep’s wheels, which can be interchangeable, are given below:

  • Wrangler YJ- 15-16″
  • Wrangler TJ- 15-16″
  • Grand Cherokee ZJ- 15″
  • Grand Cherokee WJ-16-20″
  • Jeep J series and Wagoneer-15.”
  • Jeep Liberty KJ/KK-16-18″
  • Wrangler JK-17-18″
  • Cherokee KL-17-18″
  • Wrangler JL-17-18″
  • Jeep gladiator-17-18″

The wheels’ sizes match with the other series of Wrangler, which is the main plus point to change the wheels with the other one. The Wrangler YJ & TJ series are compatible to interchange the wheels with each other. On the other hand, the Wrangler JK & JL is also cross-compatible.

If anyone wants to interchange the JL series’ tires with JK series’s tires, then it will be a perfect match among them. Usually, Jeep’s wheels stay the same for a long time, so if anyone who is selling the old tires you like, you should get it for your Jeep, even for your wrangler series Jeep. 

Can You Interchange Jeep Wheels?

Can You Interchange Jeep Wheels

The Jeep wheels are basically almost similar in size. But there are differences in bolt patterns and other measurements. If anyone wants to interchange the wheels, then definitely they can, but before changing those, one should be careful about the measurements.

The wrangler series is made for an off-road drive & it’s very attractive to the drivers. In between the series of Wrangler, most of the tire sizes match. The YJ Wrangler & TJ wrangler’s stock wheel sizes are 15-16 inch so any one of these two series can be interchangeable.

At the same time, JK wrangler & JL wrangler came with 17 inches tires, so without any change, they can be changeable with each other. So, if you want to know what wheels fit jeep wrangler, you will get a lot of options to fit. 

The stock wheels are perfect for the Jeep for any type of use. But if anyone wants to change their Jeep’s look, they can change the wheels with the same size of the series. In this case, the jeep bolt pattern chart will surely help you to get the perfect measurement.

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Are Jeep and Ford Wheels Interchangeable?

Jeep & Ford both are incredible for any type of drive. The unique qualities of each make them the best in the world. But in terms of wheel changing between these two vehicles are not that compatible.

The locking hubs of each car are different from the other. The sizes of the hubs of their wheels separate them from each other. However, the old series of Jeep wheels can be interchangeable with the Ford wheels but with some modifications.

The match between these two models of car wheels depends on the manufacturing years. For example, the 1997’s Jeep Wrangler rim will be compatible with 1993’s Ford cars. On the other hand, this compatibility is different for front tires. But the 1982’s Jeep Wrangler tires will match both the front & rear tires of 1974-1982’s Ford cars.

The owners should be careful about the offset & backspace too. These two play vital roles while changing wheels. So, it won’t be a wise idea to interchange between Jeep and Ford wheels. 

What Other Vehicles will Jeep Wheels Fit? 

Usually, the shape and measurement of jeeps are really different from any other car. As a result, it’s tough to find an accurate match to fit your jeep. There are numerous facts to check, as well. But by checking the measurements and bolt patterns, we can say that jeep and regular vehicle wheels are not interchangeable. 

But if you are willing to try on your own, you can do that. Though there will be not so much progress. If the measurement doesn’t match, your attempt will fail. Also, even if you somehow manage to stick it inside, there will be a possibility of extreme accidents.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Now we will present some of the FAQs to make you clear on this idea. Let’s get started!

Do jeep and dodge have the same bolt pattern?

Yes, even though they have the same bolt pattern, you won’t be able to interchange the wheels because there is a lot of consideration that should be noticed. First of all, the jeep doesn’t come with a large center to fit a dodge wheel. Moreover, there is a lot of mismatch in the measurement of these two. So, the interchange of the wheel is not possible. 

Will jeep wrangler rims fit jeep grand cherokee? 

Yes! You can fit a wrangler’s rim into a jeep grand Cherokee easily. The pattern and measurements are almost the same. 

Will jeep Cherokee wheels fit on wrangler?

No, the measurement and bolt patterns of these two jeep models are different. So, you won’t be able to interchange the wheels. 

Will grand Cherokee wheels fit cherokee? 

If the bolt pattern is up to 98, it will be able to fit a Cherokee. But unfortunately, the grand cherokee’s bolt pattern is 99. So you can’t actually fit it there. 

Wrapping up

Jeeps are one of the most common vehicles to drive on any surface, whether it’s smooth or tough. The stock parts of any series of Jeep are very comfortable to use anytime. Also, these are available for easy modification. But before any modifications, the measurements should be taken.

So we have tried to explain what wheels interchange with jeep in this article. The potential drivers can update the wheels to change the outlook of their Jeep. However, if anyone wants to swap the tires, they should know how much lift they’ll need to get the wheel’s perfect size.

You can use all the information in your real-time experience and make every modification count!

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