Bilstein 5100 vs 5125 – Know the Actual Differences Between Them

Do you like adventure and want to get a new driving experience on the mountain or busty road? How does a Jeep SUV provide you with the best support in all road tolerance levels? 

Here we try to know the vital role of Bilstein shocks and distinguish Bilstein 5100 VS 5125.

Bilstein B8 5100 is designed with a direct-fit solution and utilizes velocity-sensitive, digressive piston, and rear lift performance on any challenging road. Whereas, Blister B8 5125 introduced a superior single-tube gas pressure design for fade-free performance.


Comparison Table Of Bilstein 5100 Vs 5125

CategoryBlistein 5100Blistein 5125
Size46 mm Monotube46mm Monotube
Rod Size14 mm14mm
Weight5.64 Pounds4.81 Pounds
Boot CapIncludedNot Included
Zinc PlatedHarsh DesignExterior
Compression TuningPatented Digressive Valve ReactIndependent
SuspensionIncreases Travel LengthLarge Diameter Tires
Harsh RemoverVulcanized Neoprene Rubber BrushHigh Flow Piston


Detail Comparison: Bilstein 5100 VS 5125

After seeing the comparison table, we get an overview of the Bilstein 5100 and 5125 series shock mount absorbers. These shocks compared to the Bilstein 4600 vs 5100, suck the stress and give you a fade-free journey for mountain racing and touch-road driving. 

That is essential to keep your Jeep SUV’s durability for a long time and assist you with the best suspension and harshness remover. Let’s check the parameters in detail.


Size, Rod Size & Weight

Both Bilstein 5100 and 5125 are introduced with a 46 mm monotone design, and their rod size is 14 mm. So, if you distinguish the actual size and rod size of these two, you get the same results.

On the other hand, their weight is different; Bilstein 5100 weighs about 5.64 pounds, and the 5125 series weighs about 4.81 pounds. That is essential to perform differently with great value.


Boot Cap

In Blistering 5100, the Boot cap will protect your exposed shock absorber from dirt, tub, and flying rocks when driving on a rough road, enhancing the appearance of truck suspension and covering all unnecessary elements.

Bilstein 5125 hasn’t included the Boot Cap in Toyota Tacoma, which does not help disassemble the shock assembly. 

After changing the height settings, you can get enough space to install the boot Cap into Blister 5125.


Zinc Plated

The Bilstein 5100 is introduced with Zinc Plated, essential to protect your SUV from harmful elements. It even helps to escape scratches and severe damage, keeping your internal components fit.

On the other hand, the Bilstein 5125 is introduced with a Zinc coated exterior that is essential to protect against harsh elements. 

It even plays a vital role in giving you a fade-free journey on a high hill or busty track.


Compression Tuning

When driving your SUVs on rough surfaces, Bilstein 5100 instantly reacts to changing conditions with its patented digressive valve system. It does gently adjust the torque and compression tuning.

On the other hand, Bilstein 5125 is introduced with independent rebound compression tuning, where you can easily change the force of dimension. It will suck the extra compression tuning and release the torque into the surface.



The Bilstein 5100 is introduced with increasing suspension travel that will release the extra pressure smoothly and keep your suspension fit. To increase suspension travel, it will be the best option for SUVs.

On the other hand, Bilstein 5125 is introduced with large-diameter tires for better suspension performance. So to enjoy long-lasting performance, large-diameter tires ensure suspension life.


Harsh Remover

Blistein 5100 is introduced with a durable vulcanized neoprene rubber brush. That is protecting your SUVs from harsh elements. There is no harsh object; the rubber brush will gently clean all dirt.

On the other hand, the Bilstein 5125 is furnished with a high-flow piston. it protects from all types of flying objects, germs, dirt, and mud. Keep the engine surface clean; it plays an influential role.


Comparison Results

After distinguishing the main characteristics of the Bilstein 5100 and 5125 series, we will reach the final decision. But keep in mind; it’s made on some contractor fact. 

According to your SUV’s need and United States law, it can terminate in a different form. Let’s check the final result of Bilstein 5100 and Bilstein 5125.

Size & Rod Size – Both have the same actual size and rod size and bear the same value.

Weight: Bilstein 5100 has more weight than the Bilstein 5125.

Boot Cap: Both Bilstein 5100 & 5125 are introduced with Boot Cap; that’s why it would go ahead in the term.

Zinc Plated: Bilstein 5100 Zinc plated is used for harsh protection, and Bilstein 5125 is coated with the exterior for the same purpose.

Compression Tuning: Bilstein 5125 is better than its component for an independent compression tuning lift kit.

Suspension: Bilstein 5100 has increased suspension travel more than its component.

Harsh Remover: Both bear different values in various fields.


What Is Bilstein?

Bilstein is a shock absorber and negotiates suspension to suck the extra stress when driving a mountain or busty road. It will ensure your fad-free journey; the monotube gas pressure system is specially designed.

In 1957, Bilstein introduced a monotube gas pressure shock absorber. According to the need of time, they invented various Bilstein series. From them, here we focus on the Bilstein 5100 and 5125 series.

Bilstein 5100 Special Features

Bilstein 5100 Special Featuresir?t=theautoguider 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00BYNJAVW

  • Bilstein 5100 performs according to vehicle heaviness and is adjustable in small Jeep or heavier trucks.
  • It allows adjustable height according to the minor left of the vehicle.
  • The valve is gently firmer when used in large tires and wheels.
  • Offer more firms to stock one.


Bilstein 5125 Special Features

Bilstein 5125 Special Featuresir?t=theautoguider 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B007N6QSI2

  • Bilstein 5125 offers fade-free performance in any road conditions with Shipping Information.
  • It can make instant reactions in all conditions for digressive valve design.
  • You get the stem-to-eye mounting configurations for Smooth Ride.
  • It offers High flow pistons from harshness with Superior Control.


Why Need To Use Bilstein Shocks Absorber?

If you are fond of getting a touch of adventure with reasonable control and better handling, Bilstein is the best option. Though you get different types of shocks absorber in the market, Bilstein offers the best quality and price. 

Build Quality

The available shock absorber generally uses pieces of steel tuning that are compromised with the tolerance level. 

So, you won’t feel comfortable when driving on a rough road. The finishing is not good and does not include other chemicals in a sequence to increase flexibility and collapsed length.

On the other hand, Toyota Motor Corporation does not compromise with tolerance level for its extrusion build process when using the Bilstein shock absorber.

It’s coated with Zinc and for durable finishing, use 240-hour salt sprays. A polished shaft and solid steel chrome plate increase the strength of the Bilstein shock absorber.

Balance Heat

The shock absorber generally heats up fast; that’s why the performance will collapse within a short period. For those unable to manage the heat circulation system, these shock absorbers will issue ride height and stud mounts.

On the other hand, the Bilstein shock absorber is designed with monotube gas bushings pressure that helps pass excess from the oil transfer to the extended-length shock body surfaces. As a result, oil gets the permit to expand heat build safe from viscosity and foaming.

Standard Structure

In general rear shock, you won’t get a standard structure. That’s why the shock absorber fails at a high tolerance level. 

The lower form can’t effectively perform long and does not absorb high spring lift for commercial carriers in all road conditions.

Using a Bilstein shock absorber, you get a tight peak to increase the tolerance level. It would be essential to increase the life of the shock absorber and influence performance better in all road conditions.


People Often Ask

What Is The Meaning Of Bilstein Number?

The Bilstein number represents the level of tones up to 1/10 Newton. As a result, it would be easy to understand the capabilities of shock bushings. For example, 275/78 means 2750 Newton rebounds and 78-0 Newton compression.


What Is Shock Valving?

Shock valving represents the parameter and scale of how much force it takes to extend or compress a shock length at any tolerance level.

It also allows tuning to drive with complete comfort like business news. Some shock valving is changeable and adjustable, but some are fixed.


Is Bilstein Better Than OEM?

Of course, for long-lasting performance and unlimited tolerance levels, Bilstein 5100 series is better than the OEM. Though OEM performs gently to suck extra pressure, it will not be perfect for a bump stop in any road condition for long.


What Is Better Between Bilstein 5100 & Stock?

Bilstein 5100 is slightly firmer than stock. That’s why it would be more comparable in any surface tolerance. The stock is helpful for small vehicles, but Bilstein 5100 is for oversized wheels and tires and offers off-road equipment to control the tolerance level.


Finally, Which Bilstein Is Better?

Hopefully, you get a clear concept of Bilstein 5100 VS 5125. That will be helpful to reach the final decision on which should be used in the Jeep SUV or Truck. 

Bilstein 5100 is a good bet when you run a leaf or have any leaf on the rear and helps you stop bump shocks in this application. 

Bilstein 5125 has consistent fade-free long-time performance and design with compressed length superior single gas pressure.

So the choice is up to you. If you have any confusion, reread the content. You even can get help from an expert or mechanic; those are closely related to the Bilstein shocks axle. You should use the perfect one for your vehicle according to your needs.

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