12 JK Mods to Avoid Without Any Second Thought

Undoubtedly, jeeps are one of the handiest vehicles which are highly customizable. But the modification can sometimes bring a lot of trouble if you don’t choose wisely.

Having incompatible and different mods can make your jeep unreal to use. Sometimes, our imagination of mods can cross reality too. You should always select the right and compatible jk mods for you.

So, what are some JK Mods to Avoid? Let’s dive into the details! But to let you know in short, you can avoid a lot of things from jeep wrangler customization ideas. You will be surprised that from colors to wheels, everything can be a wrong decision in your mod.


12 Popular JK Mods to Avoid

Here we are going to share a few mod options that you can always avoid. Let’s begin!

1. Bad Quality After-Market Exhaust System

Here is a component that we are most likely to fall for without even knowing. Mainly the hype of this component is so much that we don’t even think of the need for us to use it.

But to tell the truth, this component is not that good for the modification of your jk. If you buy an after-market exhaust system, you should always buy a pricey and good one.

Cheap exhaust systems are the worst trap to fall for. So, while talking about some JK Mods to Avoid, we could not stop but sharing this. Do not buy a poor quality and cheap after-market exhaust system ever!

2. Mud Terrain Tires

These tires are vastly popular and useful for off-roading. If you have any intention to ride off-road with your jeep, your choice is obvious. Otherwise, you should not get mud-terrain tires.

Mud terrain tires are specially designed to run off-roads. These are not that much convenient for your regular inside driving. Instead, buy all-terrain tires for driving in your regular area.

If you have a tight budget, then you should of course avoid getting mud-terrain tires. So, this mod is only suitable for special purposes.

3. Fancy Cast Iron Diff Plates

Cast iron plates are another type of mod that we often fall for. But like everything else, we often choose fancy cast iron diff plates.

Though we know that sometimes expensive components can serve you really well, in a few sectors, it’s better to stick to a cheap one. This is one of those sectors.

Buying a fancy cast iron plate will be a total waste of money if you believe us. Because the work that it does can be easily done by a welded plate. Welded plates are durable and budget-friendly too.

So, if you don’t want to lose your money over a silly thing, you should always buy a welded plate and avoid fancy cast iron plates.

4. Tube Bumpers

Here is another choice of modification. But it’s not completely avoidable. You should choose a tube bumper only if you need it.

Tube bumpers are quite high in price. If your requirement can be modified with other bumpers, it’s better to avoid tube bumpers. Also, many people do not like the look of tube bumpers.

If you care about the looks of your jeep, try to avoid tube bumpers and get an alternative. Otherwise, try to modify the looks cause tube bumpers can sometimes be essential too.

5. Neoprene Seat Covers

Neoprene seat covers are very popular nowadays. Also, there are a lot of options for seat covers too.

It’s not essential that you have to buy a neoprene seat cover for yourself. You can go for alternatives like leather and other materials which work almost in the same way.

Furthermore, sometimes, neoprene covers can feel so costly to you. So, if you are not that much fond of neoprene covers, you should not get one.

6. Mirror Relocation Brackets

You will find a lot of dysfunctionality in this once you get it. Also, it doesn’t serve that much.

Mirror relocation brackets are another hyped product that people buy and regret later. Again, many people have reported these to not function properly.

You will face problems in removing the bolts too. Also, the look of these brackets is not that promising. On the contrary, you will get a lot of alternative options at a cheaper price than this.

7. Poor Quality Shocks

What will be the benefit of getting a shock if it doesn’t function properly? Shock dysfunction is often caused by poor quality, and poor quality is caused by less price.

So, if you don’t want to fall into any problem, get a shock which comes in good quality. For this reason, you have to pay extra.

But if you don’t get an expensive shock for you, it will be useless. Poor shocks get rusty very quickly.

In order to avoid further disturbance, do not go for an inexpensive shock which is not good to use later.

8. Overhead Console

Overhead consoles are a little bit like an extra expense. All overhead consoles do is just hold small things for you.

So, if you don’t need extra storage in your car that much, you should not get an overhead console. Moreover, the storage capacity is not wide enough.

9. Lange Side Mirrors

Lange side mirrors can give your jeep a simple look and these are one of the oldest mods ever. But when safety is your priority, you should definitely run away from this mod.

The main reason why you should avoid large side mirrors is they cover very little space. As a result, it’s quite impossible to see what’s happening behind a wide area. You can consider it one of the worst jeep mods for present times.

Because of the disability to notice what’s happening behind for an extended area, the possibility of having an accident is very obvious if you use large side mirrors now. With modern qualities, there are a lot of options that you can rely on instead of this.

10. Dupli-Color Vinyl

Many of us want to paint the appearance of our jeep. But choosing which color to use is often painful.

A common option available to paint our jeep is the dupli-color vinyl. To be honest, it will be the worst decision if you choose this one.

There are a few reasons why you should not choose this. First of all, the color does not stay longer. Secondly, it can’t cover everything properly.

Also, painting using dupli-color i8nyl is so troublesome on your own. So, it’s always suggested to take your car to the local car painters.

11. Extra Inches on Wheels

You might think that getting an extra-wide wheel will be beneficial for you. But the truth is, no, it won’t!

When you make your wheels extra wide, it becomes aggressive. Sometimes it can be hard to control the car because of this. Also, extra-wide wheels require extra-wide tires.

So, you will have to spend twice on both wheels and tires. On the other hand, the benefit that you will get is the least noticeable.

12. Cheap Components

Here is the last mod mistake that you should never make. Apart from a few components, never go for cheap alternatives.

Remember one thing, cheap components will serve you in that way. The more you pay the more service you will get.

That’s why it’s better if you always try to use expensive and good-quality components. But there are a few components that are not that necessary, consider getting those at a cheap price. But always make sure to get important things at a good price and specification.


Final Words

Among numerous jeep jk modification ideas, choosing which one to avoid can be hectic. Now that you know about a few JK Mods to Avoid, we are sure that you are going to save yourself from a lot of trouble.

Falling into problems after modification can be so annoying. That’s why precautions are always better. To save you from those unwanted troubles, we hope that this has been helpful.

Mods can be so exciting but spending on less needed components won’t be exciting. Keep the piece of information that we have provided in mind and choose your jk mods wisely.

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