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Do you know about the mall crawler? Mall crawler is a pickup truck that offers a lot of amazing off-road features.

A Mall Crawler is an SUV. Mall crawlers are popularly known as “bro-dozer” or “street-princess” in the sector of jeeps. There are a few absolute reasons for this.

But it is only used for some daily work. Shopping and carrying stuff become much easier with this pickup truck.

The mall crawler jeep looks like a beast but doesn’t provide any beast features. The mall crawler is actually a jeep. It works very smoothly as a jeep. But the look attracts a lot of lovers!

Want to know more about the mall crawler? Let’s start!

Specifications of a Mall Crawler Jeep:

There are some specifications of this incredible jeep that will surprise you. Before buying this car you should know the features and specifications.

Knowing these specifications will make you even more excited about buying this jeep. Let’s dive into that information.

Spotless Body:

At the very first you will be glad to know about the spotless body and rim of this car. Most people buy this car because of its off-road features, so people obviously take it for climbing hills, crossing rivers, and driving around woody areas.

People often get a mall crawler for enjoying the whole journey without worrying about the ride that taking the car to some specific rough areas may create problems.

In some riding areas, you will have to meet a lot of stones, rocks, and other road stuff that may hit your car.

It is usual that your vehicle will be scratched.  You will find a lot of dirt too. At this phase, you will have to clean your car regularly if your car is a usual one. Otherwise, the vehicle will look dull and dirty.

But you will have a few great features with the mall crawler. Your mall crawler will look new and bright after having scratches and specks of dirt over it. So you can peacefully take this to those off-roads of the country.

Easy & Safe:

Even on the most dangerous roads in the world, which aren’t suitable for driving because, for many reasons, a mall crawler will provide you with the safest journey. Also, a mall crawler is very easy to deal with.

You don’t have to upgrade the features and the parts of this car again and again. Every part of this car will work in your favor. Even the tires of this car get hardly punctured on those rough roads also.

Therefore, without any off-road upgrades or preparations, this car will take to mile after mile. If you use a mall crawler you don’t have to worry about a single thing. You are totally safe when you are in a mall crawler.

Overly Lifting Capacity:

It puts a lot of pressure on the driver when your vehicle is going too high. A mall crawler helps you in this case. You get much more help from this vehicle rather than other vehicles at that phase.

Going too high or angling a lit bit more with any car can not be justified. But instead of giving you under pressure, a mall crawler extends a helping hand towards you in that dangerous situation.

Angling with a mall crawler is effortless, so you can easily use this on narrow hills and hill tracts. Amazing, right?

Stick-on Chrome:

Generally, the stick-on chrome feature helps to protect the vehicle from scratches and other problems. The specialty that this feature can serve is it won’t demand any drilling or extra stuff for installing it.

Any experienced off-road driver knows the importance of stick-on chrome well. They know that this feature is helpful for driving the car on those dangerous roads. That’s why mall crawlers include this facility.

Great Looking Suspensions:

It is quite usual that people of this generation like to customize their cars with different colors and designs. They spend a lot of money on doing this. A huge number of people love to buy those cars which have each part colored differently.

But a true driver doesn’t like colorful and fancy suspensions. Because he is familiar with those problems that fancy suspensions bring. They are costly, they collect dirt and scratches while driving off-road, and much more.

But you will find a lot of mall crawlers with fancy suspensions. These suspensions are scratch-free. Even they don’t let dirt stick to them.

The mall crawler saves you from those problems and offers you a safe and happy journey. The fancy suspensions on mall crawlers don’t create any of those inconveniences. You can customize as much as you want to.

Special Tires:

Mall crawler offers you great tires. Usually, we face a lot of difficulties because of tires when we are in the mid of a journey or on a wet or snowy road. Tires keep being stuck again and again.

But you don’t have to face this difficulty if you switch to a mall crawler. A mall crawler includes tires that are highly capable of defeating rough off-roads. The tires will never make fall into a problem with their great features.

Besides, you are getting low-profile tires with a mall crawler. These will help you not only off-roads but also on every road. A huge number of people love mall crawlers because of the tires.

These were some special specifications that a mall crawler offers. A mall crawler is very different from other vehicles because of these specifications.

How to Know if My Jeep is a Mall Crawler?  

How to Know if My Jeep is a Mall Crawler

If you don’t know whether your jeep is a mall crawler or not and you desire to find out, then here are some points which will help you to recognize a mall crawler:

  • The first point to consider before coming to the conclusion of whether your Jeep is a mall crawler or not is to check if your jeep looks clean or not. Usually, mall crawlers are designed for off-roading and critical adventures. So, if your jeep does not give a look of being an adventurous companion, then it surely isn’t a mall crawler.
  • This one is the biggest point to find in your jeep if you want to know whether this is a mall crawler or not. You can notice a mall crawler by low-profile tires. As mall crawlers are made for tough roads, they contain low-profile tires. High-profile tires are definitely not meant for those who are off-road riders.
  • Another point to see in a mall crawler is that they contain stocked axles. So, although it would look good, forty inches tires would easily break the axles of a mall crawler.
  • Your jeep would definitely have a protection feature to scratches if it is a mall crawler. That’s because it is very unusual for mall crawlers to get scratches on the ride as they are meant for wild rides.
  • Consider the height when trying to know if your jeep is a mall crawler or not. Because no off-road rider jeep would be low in height.
  • On-road rider jeeps look awful when they become dirty. So, off-road riders would never mind getting their jeeps dirty as they always have to go from muddy and dirty roads while riding exactly like the natural adventurous habit that off-road riding jeeps contain.
  • Using colorful suspensions means that you do not have the mall crawler. No mall crawler has colorful suspensions unless the owner is willing to spend a lot of money on that. It’s because colorful suspensions only show the dirt more.

By considering these features you will be sure that the jeep you are looking at is a mall crawler.

Benefits of a Mall Crawler:

Having a mall crawler means you are getting a lot of facilities for dealing with difficulties while driving on a rough road.

Some benefits that a mall crawler offers are just incredible. Some of its benefits are:

  • A mall crawler is safe for going on off-roads which are dangerous and adventurous.
  • Mall crawlers are scratch-free
  • Going high, climbing hills, and crossing rivers is much easier with mall crawlers
  • Includes fancy suspensions
  • It has a shiny surface which looks great
  • The lights of this car are unhooked auxiliary lights

These are some great benefits of mall crawlers that will make you glad and happy to have a mall crawler.

Final Thoughts

In short, a mall crawler jeep is a great vehicle that is capable of fulfilling your needs with huge satisfaction. Because of its ultra-ordinary features, the mall crawler is named street princess. The features it offers will make your journey greater than any other journey.

The best thing about the mall crawler is a mall crawler provides you with a safe decorating journey. Also, it takes the majority of pressure from the driver’s neck so that the driver can drive stress freely.

Above, we have given a description that will help you to decide if you want a mall crawler or not. We think now you can realize the benefits of a mall crawler.

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