What Does JL Stand for Jeep? What’s its New Features?

When you have any confusion about jeeps, this is the best place you need. In this article, I am going to talk about what JL means in jeeps.

Compared to the previous generation, JL Wrangler has proven to be the most decent addition to the line-up of Jeep Wranglers. With a stronger physique, attractive outfits, and more advanced features, JL has gained incredible acceptance from Jeep lovers within a short period.

So, what does JL stand for Jeep? JL actually represents the fourth generation of Jeep Wranglers. Engineers picked this double-lettered code to distinguish their new generation from the previous one.


What Does JL Stand for Jeep?

what does jl stand for jeep

As I mentioned earlier, JL is the most recent generation of the popular vehicle in the Jeep industry called the Jeep Wrangler.

Well-known Jeep-making company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) launched its brand-new JL Wrangler on 29th November 2017 at the Auto Show of Los Angeles which was available in the market for jeep lovers within a few days.


Things That Got Better in JL Wrangler:

In Jeep Wrangler JL, you will get such amazing features that can make you a blind follower of it. Many JK users have found this new generation more functional and efficient compared to the older ones.

To let you Interact with the amazing features of the JL Wrangler, we have listed some of those upgraded features right here in the upcoming part.

1. Spacious Interior

The interior of the Jeep Wrangler JL has improved a lot in the past years. Engineers designed it in a way that has widened the interior space of the overall vehicle. You can now feel more comfortable within your Jeep than you have ever before.

Besides this, you can clean your Jeep’s interior without any hesitation since it has upgraded its waterproofing quality. Moreover, the leather surface of the seats in Sahara JL or Rubicon JL gives the interior a stunning attractive look.

2. Exceptional Front Grilles

2018’s JL Wrangler offers both 2-door Wrangler and 4-door Wrangler Unlimited. In JL Wrangler, you will get a seven-slot front grille similar to the JK one. However, you will notice a slight difference between the grilles of JL and JK.

Firstly, the gaps between the slots are wider than those of JK. Again, the grilles are a little kink in the middle; completely different from the JK. There are also two round head-light on both sides of the focusing front grille. Even the customary logo of Jeep has also changed its position from the head of the grille opening.

3. Push the Button to Start

Unlike all the older models of Jeep Wranglers, JL has changed its process of starting its power. Once Jeep owners needed to use metal keys to start their Jeeps. But now, the key-start has been replaced with a push-button.

You don’t have to run the key to fire up your Jeep anymore. Rather, you can just click on the push button and your Jeep will be ready to give you a pleasant ride.

In this constantly changing market, this feature has become quite common among car and Jeep manufacturers. Hence,  FCA also followed this trend while designing the JL to raise its standard in the current market.

4. Gives a Remote Proximity Keyless Entry

What does it mean by remote proximity keyless entry? Are you familiar with that?

Keyless entry gives the chance to open the driver-side door without using the metal key or tapping the keyfob. Whenever you come across at least 100ft near your vehicle, the driver’s side door will get unlocked automatically.

2018’s JL Sahara & Rubicon has also added this feature to give their owners a better feeling. So, it’s a great feature for lazy people who find it an extremely hard job to get the key and open the door!

5. Offers Easy- Folding Windshield

The Windshield of the JL Wrangler is much more flexible than that of the JK.  As a result, the users get a better experience when it comes to the windshield. In JL, if you want to fold up the windshield, you just have to remove four bolts and then pull off the wipers. It will take 10-20 minutes at most to do so.

The same thing you want to do in Wrangler JK, you will have to take at least one hour to complete the whole task. You have to remove 24 bolts, different internal and external trim pieces, and so on. That is really tough for Jeep owners in case they are in a hurry.

6. Gives a Better Rear View

While developing the model of JL Wrangler, designers elaborated on the width of the back windows which allows the person sitting in the driving seat to have a better rearview. That’s something you could never enjoy in the older models. You will find this feature in both hardtop Jeeps and soft-top Jeeps.

In addition to this, they relocated the backseat head and the rear wiper in hardtop Jeeps. Now, you can watch the view out the back window without any hesitation!

7. Comforting Manual Transmission

Most old Jeep Wranglers give a terrible experience when the owner tries to drive manually. Even the JK Wrangler gives the same experience very often. Sometimes it might feel like you are paddling a rowboat.

Considering the grief of Jeep owners, 4th generation- JL has come up with some modifications. Now, you will feel much lighter while driving. Moreover, the telescoping steering wheel in JL will help you find a comfortable driving position. Exciting, right?

8. Easily Removable Parts

Removing the doors and hard roofs of Jeeps has become much easier in the Wrangler JL. How?

In JL Wrangler, some of the parts including doors, freedom top panels, and hardtops are made of aluminum rather than iron. For that reason, these particles have reduced their heavy weight.

You can now detach the doors and hardtops easily whenever you want. Moreover, the inner grip handle added to the JL Wrangler makes it simple to install, remove, and schlepp the doors which was very difficult before.

9. Mirrors Don’t Crater the Hood Cowl

In most old models of Jeep Wranglers, mirrors could harm the hood Cowl if the front door swung recklessly because of the extremely ill-defined shape of the mirrors.

But in the 4th generation’s JL Wrangler, the front door is secured in such a way that it can stay in its right position like every other vehicle. Furthermore, the engineers have modified the shape of the windows as well as the hood cowl so that the hood cowl can stay scratch-free, even if the front door starts to move unusually.

10. Rear Backup Camera 

If you purchase a Jeep Wrangler JL, you can now get a backup camera installed in it. Using this, you can observe what is happening behind your Jeep and get a smooth driving experience. However, you won’t have to pay anything extra for it.

You couldn’t have expected this amazing feature three years ago, as no old models were suitable for that. If anybody wanted to use this feature, he or she had to install a backup camera on his or her own.

11. Provides Programmable Auxiliary Switches 

You can have an amazing aftermarket part while purchasing a brand-new JL Wrangler. It’s an optional built-in bank of auxiliary switches which you can use to do certain jobs like hooking up the lights and winching to a power box under the hood of the Jeep.

So, you won’t have to worry about drilling through the firewall or placing any programmable aux switch bank in the console of your Jeep anymore.

12. Increased Accident-Prevention

The engineers have made some improvements in the safety measures of the Jeep Wrangler JL too. Now, you get standard side-impact airbags as well as strong B- pillars which can reduce the damage from accidents. Besides, the Active Safety group of your Jeep will give you extra backup when you are on the go with your family.

The JL offers a better outward view because of widened windows and a bent beltline. Moreover, the rear space tire has been moved down so that you can have an excellent view of the backside of your Jeep.

Furthermore, there are LED headlights, rear tail lamps, DRLs (Daytime Running Lamps), and a blind-spot monitor. All these features have enhanced the power of collision prevention of the Jeep Wrangler JL to a huge extent.

13. Simple Mounting of the Accessories

Brand new JL Wrangler contains lots of threaded bolt holes in its exterior. Consequently, the mounting of accessories has become much easier than before. You don’t have to drill into your Jeep to set lights, racks, and other parts.

Engineers have made this improvement intending to help the owners in conjoining any additional accessories in their Jeep. So, you have the opportunity to add or remove any part from your Jeep at your preferable time.

14. No Lift Is Required to Set Tires

As Jeep Wranglers are too heavy, it gets much more toilsome to lift them and mount the tires accordingly.

To solve this issue, JL Rubicon has come up with 33-inch tires. Moreover, you can put a 35-inch on it without any lifting trouble since the fenders sit higher than the stock Wrangler.

Final Thoughts

By now, you have got a clear understanding of what JL stands for Jeep. In addition to this, you have in-depth knowledge about all the upgrade features of the JL Wrangler.

This understanding will help you in settling on choices for Jeep Wranglers. What you need to do is to make a reasonable advance while getting one.

Like most other things in the world, the JL jeeps offer more efficiency and exclusive features than its previous models. So, make sure you have compared everything before making your final choice.

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