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Many people mistake S mode on their car’s gear shift for Speed mode. 

What does S mean on a car? Well, the letter S on the car’s gear shift indicates Sport mode. This mode increases the throttle response, boosts the acceleration, and the car behaves differently from other driving modes. That’s why the S is also referred to as a Dynamic mode.

This write-up explains everything you need to know about Sport mode and the other letters on your gear shift. Continue reading. 

What Does S Mean on a Car Gear Shift? 

Automatic transmission cars have several letters on the gear shift indicating different driving modes. 

In the days of manual transmission cars, all these letters were not available. Back then, the throttle response was directly connected to the accelerator pedal through a cable that could not speed up the car as much as available on modern car systems. 

The introduction of electronic throttle response in the 1980s revolutionized the accelerator system. Cars achieved more speed, and the drivers had more control over the vehicles. 

As a result, manufacturers gained access to push the speed limit by providing various driving modes, and that’s when the Sport Mode came into existence. 

If you wish to give your car more power, better sound, more sensitivity, more control besides more speed, you cannot miss the opportunity to push the S button. 

What Exactly Happens When You Activate the S Mode? 

The majority of automatic car that comes with a Sport mode overall function the same.  So, when you push the S mode on the gear shifter, it basically:  

  • Adjusts the steering in your automatic car.
  • Stiffens the suspension.
  • Loosens up traction.
  • Enhances throttle response.
  • Increases the shift points on your vehicle.

You experience a more dynamic and sporty feeling when you drive in Sports mode. 

Low gears provide faster access to Horsepower. For example, if you drive in first gear at 40 km/h vs. second gear at 40 km/h, your automobile will accelerate and produce more power than in second gear because of the faster access to the horsepower.

That’s what your sports mode basically does. It optimizes horsepower usage and maximizes the car’s performance by keeping your vehicle in low gear for a more extended period, which allows your car to rev higher while maintaining soaring Revolutions per minute (RPM). 

When To Use S Mode Correctly? 

You will see a few changes in your vehicle’s settings after pressing the S button, especially for the transmission and engine. 

Different vehicle model manufacturers place the Sport button in various locations while some others offer the button beside the gear lever, while others provide them right on the steering wheel. 

Irrespective of the location of the S button, in the majority of cases, the mode quite operates the same way. However, is it ok to drive in Sport mode all the time?

The clear answer to this question is NO. the sports mode isn’t designed to be used in every circumstance. 

As the Sports mode provides more velocity and assertiveness, it is recommended to use it on the highways or mountain roads or when you go on a flat-out rough way. 

Not to forget, Sport mode is bad for your fuel economy compared to the Standard mode, so before you decide to shift to this mode, make sure your tank has a good level of fuel. You don’t need to activate the S button when you are in traffic. That would be a waste of your car’s energy.   

If you wish to go a bit more aggressive, Sport mode is obviously a great thing to go with. 

Other Letters Meaning on the Car Gear Shift 

The basic layout of automatic transmission follows an ideal pattern: P-R-N-D-L (Also called Prindle). You may follow this shift pattern even if those letters are not set in order. However, not all automatic gearboxes include Low gear. Let’s see what each of these letters represents. 

  • P for Park: The P mode indicates that your vehicle cannot move forward or backward, meaning your transmission is detached from your engine. This position is generally enabled when you turn off your car engine and move from the parking brake state. 
  • R for Reverse: As the word suggests, the Reverse button is recruited to enable the backward driving feature on your car. When you press the R button, your car’s wheels are set to spin in reverse. 
  • N for Neutral: By activating Neutral mode, you are basically preparing your car to move from Park mode. The neutral mode shouldn’t be enabled when you are driving the car. This mode also means that your vehicle is not in any gear, which often people refer to as Neutral gear. 
  • D for Drive: As the term suggests, the Driving mode or D mode is selected when you need to drive, particularly when moving your car forward. 
  • L for Low: Low gear means your car will stay between 1st and 2nd gear. When you need a higher engine power but a lower level of speed, you need to activate the l gear. This l mode is perfect when towing or driving on a hilly road. 
  • B mode: The B mode stands for Brake mode, which is also known as engine brake in your gear shifter.

Pros And Cons Chart of Driving on S Mode

Sport mode offers a bunch of Advantages like optimized Horsepower, more acceleration, stiffer suspension, increased throttle response, and more. On the other flip, there are a couple of Cons that you need to focus on when using the sports mode. 

 “Speed costs money” could just be a perfect phrase for Sports mode as it demands more fuel to run on. And continuous usage of this mode will harm your engine’s life. So, it’s best to use the S mode sparingly. 

Pros Cons 
  • Increased Horsepower 
  • Sharpen Acceleration
  • Stiffer suspension
  • Enhanced Throttle Response. 
  • Higher RPM 
  • Increase in Shift Points
  • More Sensitivity 
  • Better Sound
  • Higher Revs
  • More Fuel Consumption and bad for gas mileage
  • Lowers Car engine life


People Also Inquire About

Can You Put Your Car in Sport Mode While Driving?

Yes, you can activate S mode while driving. Before you activate the Sport mode, make sure your car has a good quantity of fuel as it consumes more. It is recommended to activate the Sport mode when you are driving on a Highway or a twisty mountain path. 

What Is The Difference Between D And S In Automatic Transmission?

The D automatic transmission position is an acronym for Drive mode. This mode is enabled when you need to move your car forward.

On the other hand, S stands for Sport mode. Sport mode offers more acceleration, more fuel injection, increased throttle response, better sound, and a sportier feel.  

What Is The Purpose Of The S Gear On An Automatic Gear Shift?

The Sport mode holds your car in a lower gear for a longer period, giving your vehicle more horsepower access. Resultantly, the engine achieves more power, more speed. Sports mode is an appropriate mode when you need to travel on country roads, highways, or hilly tracks.  

Do You Have To Use Paddle Shifters In Sport Mode?

No, It’s not necessary to use the Paddle shifter in Sports mode.  In fact, the S mode operates as an automatic while holding a lower gear for longer. 

Can You Shift From D To S While Driving?

You can switch from D mode to Sport mode while driving, and it won’t harm your car in any way. Just make sure you don’t paddle to the floor while shifting from Drive mode. 

A Few Last Words 

People often believe the S stands for Speed when it comes to a car’s S mode. What does S mean on a car gear selector? The S is an acronym for sport.

The S Mode offers more throttle response, more fuel injection, a better sound, higher RPM, increased acceleration, and overall a sportier feel. 

Not to mention, the Sport mode consumes more fuel, so it’s better not to use the mode every time you drive. This S mode-related article has described the features and usage of Sport mode thoroughly.

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