Who Makes Mopar Spark Plugs? [Revealed Everything]

Being an enthusiast of vehicles, you must have known about the Mopar spark plugs. But I wonder If you know who makes Mopar spark plugs. If you don’t know, no worries! You have already landed at the right place. 

Mopar spark plugs are manufactured by Champion. In addition, the Champion Platinum brand manufactures the Mopar factory plug for Mopar’s use. Besides Champion plugs, there are quite a few manufacturers, like the Denso and NGK who make spark plugs as well.   

Throughout this article, you will get to know everything about Mopar spark plugs besides its manufacturers and the importance of spark plugs. Let’s get started!

Who Makes Mopar Spark plugs?

Champion makes Mopar spark plugs. Moreover, there are a few more Mopar spark plugs manufacturers like the NGK, Denso, ACDelco Iridium, and Motorcraft Spark Plugs. Now, I am going to review them precisely. 


Champion has been a world leader for its high-quality Mopar equipment over the years. It provides the best OEM parts including the Mopar spark plugs for your vehicles.

Champion plugs manufacture factory spark plugs and their spark plugs are extremely durable and affordable compared to other spark plugs brands. 

Furthermore, Champion Mopar spark plugs comprise three materials: copper spark plug, platinum spark plug, and iridium plug.

Each of the Mopar spark plugs types has distinct features,  like high quality, top-notch performance, and ignitability. So you can rely on Champion Mopar spark plugs to have a better vehicle performance. 

Features & Benefits Of Champion Mopar Spark Plug:

  • Compatibility: This Champion Mopar spark plug is compatible with your Powersports, marine applications, and passenger cars. 
  • Electrode Copper: The Mopar spark plug has used an electrode copper plug so that you can control heat range control and conductivity for overall wear. 
  • Durable & Easy Installation: While the Champion spark plug is extremely durable, the installation process is also easy breezy. 
  • Top-Notch Mileage & Budget-friendly: While the spark plug has a top-notch mileage capability, it is also budget-friendly. 


If you are looking for the best Mopar vehicle spark plugs, look nowhere else than the Denso. Denso is one of the leading OEM spark plug brands to deliver top-notch quality spark plugs since its journey started in 1949. 

Moreover, Denso manufactures high temperature resistant, consistent, and durable spark plugs for your vehicles. The Denso brand introduces titanium, copper, platinum, and iridium spark plugs. 

Each of the spark plugs is capable of providing the best features and benefits to offer you an excellent driving experience. The Denso spark plug amps up engine performance along with the mileage. 

Features & Benefits Of Denso Mopar Spark Plug:

  • Twin-tip Design: The Denso Mopar spark plug is formulated with a twin-tip design. This design comprises titanium and metal platinum plug which are durable components. 
  • Titanium-enhanced Alloy: The Mopar spark plug has used titanium alloy on its electrode. This titanium alloy gives your spark plug lifespan durability and resists erosion. 
  • Top Quality Ignitability: The Denso spark plug features high-quality ignitability of the spark plug that ensures effective combustion. 
  • Engine Performance: The spark plug provides top-class vehicle engine performance in case of fuel economy and power. 


Looking for the best performance with better mileage for your vehicles? Then look no further than the NGK plugs. NGK, one of the oldest and best OEM plug manufacturers, has been dominating in producing and delivering automotive equipment over the decades to meet your expectations within the budget. 

However, the NGK spark plugs come in a variety of versions, like copper, platinum, and iridium. These variants of the NGK plugs make this brand a hot cake in the market. 

Features & Benefits Of NGK Mopar Spark Plug:

  • V-Groove Designed Center Electrode: The NGK plugs are designed with the V-groove Center electrode. This design amps up your vehicle’s ignitability.
  • Genuine Copper Core: As the spark plug is a genuine copper core metal, it can lessen the overheating risk. 
  • Cold Rolled Threads: The cold-rolled threads feature is capable of protecting your vehicle’s cylinder heads from getting damaged. 
  • Top Quality Aluminium Silicate Insulator: The NGK brand features a kind of spark plug that uses a top-class aluminum silicate insulator. This alumina silicate ceramic brake insulator is temperature resistant to high-grade protection to the vehicle’s engine. 

ACDelco Iridium

I wonder if you are looking for the best Mopar spark plugs with high technology, factory OEM, consistent performance, and sustainability. If so, ACDelco Iridium’s Mopar spark plugs can be your ultimate choice. 

While the spark plugs come in a professional look, it also provides the best riding or driving performance. The professional iridium spark plugs are exceptional when it comes to maintaining your vehicle to run better even with the lowest voltage. 

It also comes in a built-in suppressor to ensure radiofrequency that cannot harm electric vehicles. While the iridium spark plug is super flexible, it is easy to use as well. 

Features & Benefits Of ACDelco Iridium Spark Plug:

  • Stability & Performance: ACDelco Iridium Mopar Spark plug offers smooth vehicle engine performance besides stability. 
  • Effective Electrode Design: The efficiently designed electrode of the spark plug provides advanced acceleration and a cold starting edge for your vehicle.  
  • Iridium Wire Electrode: This wire electrode increases fuel ignition and improves fuel economy while removing carbon deposits. 
  • Durability: While the spark plug needs low maintenance, it is also extremely durable for your vehicle. 

Motorcraft Spark Plugs 

Like other spark plugs manufacturers, the Motorcraft brand is no exception in delivering top-quality spark plugs. If so, what makes this brand unique, huh? 

The quality and original equipment parts with lifetime durability make Motorcraft spark plugs stand out. Though the Motorcraft spark plugs are pretty pricey, they are a budget-worthy product. 

While the brand manufactures spark plugs for Mopar use, they provide factory specifications. Motorcraft don’t compromise with quality. And the Motorcraft Mopar spark plugs’ hassle-free installation makes this product unique.

Features & Benefits Of Motorcraft Spark Plug:

  • Original Equipment Spark Plug: The Motorcraft Mopar spark plug has used the OEM parts to deliver the best vehicle engine performance. 
  • Carbon & Pre-ignition Resistant: This Mopar spark plug is a carbon and preignition resistant metal that increases the durability of your vehicle’s engine. 
  • Platinum Spark Plug: The platinum is comparatively better than the ordinary plugs. It increases the longevity and the performance of the vehicle engine. 
  • Value For Price: It’s pretty cheap and worth the price. 

Overview Of Mopar Spark Plugs

Before talking about Mopar spark plugs in detail, let’s learn the background of Mopar spark plugs. Let’s get inside!

The Emergence Of Mopar

As the name suggests, Mopar stands for motors and parts. It is an original equipment manufacturer and supplier for your vehicles.

Initially, Mopar belonged to brands, like Dodge, Ram, and Chrysler. It is now owned by Stellaris, a global automotive manufacturer to deliver the best Mopar performance.

The Importance Of Spark Plug

The words, spark and plug define the word spark plug well. It’s an essential metal component for vehicles like cars that need to start.

Using the electricity spark that extracts from the plug, you can start your car through the ignition parts. On the contrary, a bad spark plug can damage your engine. 

Without a spark plug, your car is unable to start. As the spark plug maintains the performance of your car’s engine besides exterior accessories, you need to have a healthy spark plug. There comes the importance of spark plug manufacturers. 

How To Install Mopar Spark Plugs On Your Vehicle:

Installing the Mopar spark plug is easy. You can either hire professionals or do it yourself (DIY). I would recommend the DIY method as it saves money. The following 5 steps will guide you to the installation process:

Step-1: Equipment & Materials You Need

Beforehand you need to have the following equipment and materials to facilitate the Mopar spark plugging process.

  • Spark plugs,
  • Anti-seize lubricant,
  • Spark plug Removal,
  • Torque wrench,
  • Socket set,
  • Rags,
  • Dielectric grease,
  • Swivel socket,
  • Needle-nose pliers,
  • Gap gauge.

Step-2: Clean And Open Up The Engine

Once you have the materials and equipment, you can start the spark plug installation process. To start, clean your vehicle’s engine area by removing the cover and air cleaner. With a compressed air deflector, clean the ignition parts of coils and the engine dirt.  

Step-3: Remove Ignition Coil

Disconnect the connector locking tab of the engine. Then with Spark plug removal, remove the coil ignition, boot, and coil assembly.

Step-3: Unscrew The Spark Plug

Unscrew the Mopar spark plug to clean the stained grime and dirt from the spark plug. Take a proper size socket to place over the plug. 

Step-4: Check The Gap Of The Spark Plug

Before installing the plug, you need to check the gap first. If the spark plug gap is small, use a gap gauge to open it. Use an anti-seize compound to plug threads into the cylinder.  

Step-5: Install The Spark Plug

Now, It’s time to install the plug. With a torque wrench, install the spark plug. Once you are done with the installation, check the Mopar spark if it works. 

3 Maintenance Tips For Mopar Spark Plugs

To increase spark plugs’ durability, and performance, proper maintenance is key. The following three tips will help you maintain your Mopar spark plugs.

Tip-1: Choose the type of Mopar spark plugs that suit your vehicles. The performance of the vehicle engine’s interior accessories depends on the proper type of spark plugs. 

Tip-2: With a socket wrench, displace the spark plugs and clean the spark plugs with proper cleaning solutions. 

Tip-3: Spark plug gap in between the electrodes is key to generating the proper spark. Less gap can provide a weak spark. So maintain a proper spark plug gap. 


Champion Or NGK, Who Is The Best Mopar Spark Plug Manufacturer?

Champion or NGk, which Mopar spark plug is the best, depends on these factors, like price, quality, and features they come with.

However, Champion spark plugs provide long durability and don’t require any spark plug replacement whereas the NGK is comparatively low in price and temperature resistant. 

How Long Do Mopar Spark Plugs Last?

Mopar spark plugs’ lifespan depends on the type of plug you use on your vehicle’s engine. The Mopar Copper spark plugs can last around twenty thousand miles, whereas platinum spark plugs can offer sixty thousand miles. In addition, other spark plugs can last a hundred thousand miles. 

Which Spark Plug Brand Does Mopar Use?

Mopar uses the Champion spark plugs brand. With time, Mopar plugs also use other spark plug brands, like Denso and NGK as the number of vehicles is increasing. However, the Champion platinum brand is designed especially for Mopar use. 

Do Mopar Spark Plug Brands Matter?

Brand matters the most if it’s all about the performance of your vehicle’s engine. Some motorists prefer sticking to the same spark plugs brand and some prefer moving to other brands. The NGK or Champion spark plugs can be your ultimate choice. 

How Often Should Spark Plugs Be Changed?

Spark plugs deteriorate over time. So the spark plugs in your vehicle should be changed about every 70,000 and 100,000 miles. 

Can You Replace Spark Plugs Yourself?

Replacing Mopar spark is an easy peasy job. If you replace yourself, It will take around an hour to replace while saving labor cost and time. Replacing spark plugs can increase your vehicle’s performance and gas mileage. 

What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Spark Plugs?

The spark plug deteriorates over time like any other motor part. If you don’t change the broken or damaged spark plugs, the vehicle’s spark plug might not produce enough spark and the engine might lose its power. Eventually, the engine will stop working. 

How Much Do Mopar Spark Plugs Cost?

Mopar spark plugs can cost you around $20-$100 to replace the per set. And a piece of the spark plug can cost you approximately $6-$50. But the cost of replacement spark plugs depends on the spark plug types and the cylinder numbers on your vehicle. 

Do Expensive Mopar Spark Plugs Make A Difference?

The price of the Mopar spark plugs depends on the features they come with. If the Mopar spark plugs are cheap, they may come with fewer features and specifications. On the contrary, the pricey ones come with more features and specifications. 

Where To Buy Mopar Spark Plugs from?

Mopar spark plugs OEM parts are available nearby local shops like auto parts shops. You can also purchase from online shops, including Walmart, and others.

But I recommend you purchase from Amazon if you want authentic products with exclusive offers and delivery services.

Final Verdict:

I hope by now you have got the answer to who makes Mopar spark plugs. Among the Mopar spark plugs manufacturers, the Champion Mopar spark plugs along with Denso and NGK are notable. Hopefully, this article removes all doubts you may have.

If you have any further queries, you can comment to me in the box below. I’ll respond soon.

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