Fixing Woolwax Vs Fluid Film Undercoating Strength

As a concerned driver or an owner, are you worried about how to protect your car or truck’s metal base from any unexpected violation? To ensure the safety of your undercarriage, which coating will be the best option? Let’s be ready to explore something new on the undercoating journey.

To make strong protection against oxygen, moisture and rust both play influential roles. Wool wax ensures high resistant safety from washing off for its thickness undercoating. Fluid Film is not as thick as Woolwax, but it’s easy to spray for its lighter thickness. Both play to protect your vehicle from chemical reactions and increase metal durability.

So, according to your demand, you can choose any of them. After discussing Woolwax Vs Fluid Film’s specific criteria, you will reach the final decision.

Comparison Table Woolwax & Fluid Film

Category             Woolwax               Fluid Film
Thickness               Heavy                  Light
Spread Duration                Mild                   Fast
Undercoating              Smooth           Less Smooth
Apply Method                 Hard                  Easy
Durability Against (Rust, Moisture & Oxygen)               Better                 Good


Details Comparison: Woolwax Vs Fluid Film

After observing the comparison table, you get an overview of the two undercoatings. Here we try to distinguish their criteria with details. Then it would be easy to identify the best one. So you can check which criteria are closely related to your needs and visit here to learn more about them.


Thickness is the main difference between Woolwax and Fluid Film. Wool wax is more famous for its heavy thickness. It would be helpful to cover your kellsport products base metal’s last deep hole or scratch smoothly. Woolwax is the best for its heavy thickness to protect your truck or car undercarriage.

On the other hand, Fluid Film is not as heavy as Coolmax. It can’t cover the deep hole or scratch smoothly and waste a lot. So in this criterion, Fluid Film is not a good option for undercoating.

Spread Duration

Wool wax spread duration is mild because of its heavy thickness. It can’t spread fast as a good motion. When making an undercoating into a metal base, it is also responsible for recovering previous damages. That’s why it takes time to spread all over the undercarriage.

Fluid Film is too fast to spread all over the metal base. With its lighter thickness, it can recover the undercarriage soon. So in terms of spread duration, Fluid Film is the best option for undercoating your vehicle.


Wool wax undercoating is smoothly recovering the previous damage to your truck base metal. After undercoating with wool wax, you will get a bright and new look. Even the damages will disappear.

Fluid Film is lighter; it’s not recovering your car undercarriage smoothly. Here it will help if you do double spray. So in this fact, Fluid Film can’t pass and is not perfect for undercoating base metal frame rails.

Apply Method

Wool wax is not easy to apply for its extra heaviness. When you apply it to an undercoating gun, you will feel how hard it is to use the heavy gun. So here you need total concentration and muscle power for perfect undercoating. Otherwise, the coating wouldn’t be expected.

Fluid Film is easy to apply to any metal surface. You do not need muscle power here, and anyone can use it with an undercoating gun. So in this sector, fluid film is useful to reduce corrosion protection.

Durability Against (Oxygen, Rust & Moisture)

It’s another essential criterion to measure the two undercoatings. In unrefined wool wax, you will get the best unlimited long-time durability with wool grease. So here, you can be tension free after using the Woolwax undercoating.

Fluid Film also provides a long-lasting performance of up to 3 years. But it wouldn’t be like Woolwax. When you use the best Fluid Film undercoating, you feel that it can’t fight long against washing off or rust.

Comparison Result

After a detailed discussion, we will reach the final decision. Generally, both are produced to make your base metal safe from rust, moisture, and oxygen reaction. So the main differences will be their using character and stability. Let’s check the final results of Woolwax Vs Fluid Film.

Thickness: Woolwax is the winner, and you can choose it for its heaviness.

Spread Duration: Fluid Film is the winner, and it would save you valuable time.

Undercoating: For smooth undercoating, Woolwax is the best option.

Apply Method: Fluid Film is the best option for an easy application method.

Durability Against (Moisture, Rust & Oxygen)- Woolwax is more convenient for fighting against chemical reactions and saving from environmental damages for a long time.

Note: This result is made from researching some contradictory facts. According to your actual needs and benefits, you can choose any one from them. It just helps you clear the views on Woolwax and Fluid Film undercoating.

Undercoating Is What?

Apply a paint known as undercoating to protect your car or truck metal surfaces from rust, poisons, moisture, and oxygen reaction. It will perform for a long time and increase the durability of your metal. That’s why it’s crucial to use the truck as the undercarriage and most popular system to protect against rust.

Have Any Differences Between Undercoating & Rust Protecting?

Generally, the meaning is about the same. But according to the mental condition, there are some differences between undercoating and rust protection. Here we try to focus on these points.

  • Undercoating protects the outside, but Rust Protecting means ensuring safety from the inside.
  • Undercoating using to cover severe damage but the rust protection simplifies only rust.

Similarity Between Woolwax & Fluid Film

The central theme of the two is to protect your truck base metal from chemical reactions such as rust belt, oxygen, or moisture. So it’s the more common target of these two undercoatings. Here we try to explore their similarities briefly to get a clearer view of Woolwax and Fluid Film.

Made By The Same Company

Wool wax and Fluid Film are made by Eureka Chemical Company and produced for various uses. Since 1940, it would run its business and be incorporated in 1953. It’s a family-based business company and still managed by descendants of the founding chemist.

Protect Against Chemical Reaction & Washing Off

Woolwax and Fluid Film would play an influential role in protecting your truck’s metal base from the chemical reaction. They are specially designed to rust check, moisture, and oxygen. They would also help you get rid of washing off damages for a long time and keep the tensile strength of the base metal.

Used Lanolin In Both

Both Woolwax and Fluid Film are introduced with lanolin ingredients. That is collected from the original wool of sheep. To make them effective corrosion inhibitors and standard lubricants, use the lanolin in both undercoatings.

Wool Wax Undercoat

Woolwax is the best option among other undercoats for lifetime durability and better performance. For its specific features, this undercoating would be reached high. It would play a prominent role in saving your truck’s metal surfaces from a chemical reaction and washing off resistance. Here we try to judge the Woolwax pro undercoating gun.


  • Heavy Thickness
  • No Dark Odor
  • Protect from Oxygen, Rust & Moisture
  • More Resistance against Washed Off
  • Unlimited Performance


  • Little Bit Expensive
  • Hard to Apply & Spread Slowly

Fluid Film

Fluid Film is closely related to Woolwax because the same company makes both. That’s why their determination is the same. Protecting your truck base metal deterioration or undercarriage also plays a vital role. For easy to use the spray gun and long-lasting performance, Fluid Films would also be the best opponent of another undercoat brand. Let’s check its accountability with its unique criteria.


  • Easy to Apply
  • Lighter Than Others
  • Fair Resistance against Washing Off
  • Protecting Rust, Oxygen & Moisture
  • Not Expensive at all


  • Have a Hard Odor
  • Less Smooth to recover Previous Damages

Different Types Of Undercoating

In the market, you get a different type of undercoating. These are used for the same purposes. According to need, you can select any one aerosol cans. But here, you get the precise concept of the Woolwax and Fluid Film that would help you choose the best one from them. Here we try to focus on some complement of these two undercoatings. Let’s discover the best undercoating on the market.

Wax-Based Undercoating – It’s cheap and easy to use, even effective in making a shield against dark rust. But you need to change it after one year of use and paint it with new undercoating.

Rubberized Undercoating – Protecting from rust and dark moisture with simple safety measures. So for your vehicle undercoating, this will be the best option and more popular in the market.

Polyurethane Undercoating- It’s another cheap undercoating and is effective for fast use. It takes a short time to cover the whole metal surface and tires. Protecting from unoxidized metal and displacing road salt with rust.

People Often Ask

Is Woolwax Undercoat Effective To Use Any Metal Surfaces?

Yes, Woolwax performs as a natural protector for any weather and saves from dirty rust. You can use it on your vehicle frame, undercarriage, door, or any metal surface. Using the Woolwax, hopefully, will get better results for a long time.

Fluid Film Is Good For What?

Fluid Film protects the base metal surfaces from chemical reaction or resistance washing off. Here you get some technical support to increase the project farm sustainability and existing rust. It will quickly reach your hidden angle and be covered in a balance.

  • Keep Bugs from Adjusting Bumper
  • Protect Electrical Connections
  • Ensure Battery Terminal Safety
  • Protect Internal Door Jam
  • Gather Oxidizes Paints

Has There Any Difference Between Fluid Film & Fluid Film Black?

Although both are performed equally, Fluid Film Black covers all the duties of Original Fluid Film and protects the metal surface with black paint and reaches inaccessible areas. The black stains are helpful to recover previous dirt rust or deep hole and flow a gorgeous vibe.

Do You Need To Clean Metal Surfaces Before Coating?

Certainly needed. Otherwise, the undercoating will not perform for a long time and won’t cover the deep scratch or damages. This coating will be unable to increase the brightness. So to get a long time performance, you need to clean the wheel wells’ metal surfaces before applying them to the undercoat.

After Rustproofing, Can I Wash My Car?

We recommend that you not wash the next two days after completing the treatment. If you use Soap or Detergent, it wouldn’t be suitable for the undercoating. So try to avoid chemical gallon wash and use spray cans for the next 48 hours. But rain, slush, or snow wouldn’t negatively impact the painting.

Final Thoughts: Who Will Win The Race?

Hopefully, you get a clear concept of Woolwax Vs Fluid Film with their specific criteria. Both bear the same value from each place. The mother company of Woolwax and Fluid Film is the same. So both are effective in saving your vehicle’s metal surface from rust, oxygen, and moisture and provide solid protection against washing off in any weather.

Wool wax is the best for its heavy thickness and quickly can recover the previous damage to metal surfaces smoothly with a bright coat. Fluid Film is also responsible for protecting from an environmental chemical reaction and increasing the durability of your truck base metal.

If you have any confusion, reread the content. Even you can get help from an expert to get a proper solution which is the best. Thanks for reaching out.

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